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Full Version: Ahhhh success!
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So its been a little over a year and its finnally done.

A year and a half ago when shadowrun fourth edition came out I started a campaign.
basicly it was your typical lest test run the system and see how it goes. After only a week or two of reading the book and a very vague concept of a storyline drawn from system failure (wich I purchased at the same time) it was write down the characters and go!. Everyone chose a template character and we were off. Slowly week by week the plot thickened and grew and became more convuluted and interesting. Each character took on a life of thier own and became quickly favorites of the players. Some characters died and new ones where created both by the poeple who were in the group and people coming and going. All in all it was a success and now i can decompile.

Memorable characters

Sway- Origonally a human modified smuggler template. sway was definetly the passion behind the group. Impulsive and addicted to speed, she kept the group going and moving. From the template she grew into a broad talent. From combat to rigging she could do it all at least decent. Her short comings were her addiction to stims wich nearly got her killed when she just about OD'd, her short temper, and her recklessness at times. Most of all her biggest weakness was getting attached. Her character saw it through not for money or personal gain but to help out her teammates because it was the only thing she had.

J.D(John Doe)- Again a human modified template this time of the face. J.D was a person who litterally had his past taken from him. Having amnesia with enemies to boot is not a good thing, especially when those enemies are Ex-serephim!. J.D started out being the outsider of the group. Your usual cold callouss profesional type and learned comradere. With the help of his teamates he tracked down the people who did him wrong saved the woman who saved his life and did something only the new J.D could do...The moral thing.

Doc- The character only lasted for about 3 game sessions before he died(the player moved out of state) but when he died it sent ripples through the campaign not only did he become plot device he bacame THE plot device. How many hacker templates you know who hold the key to an AI embedded without his knowledge in a Love Program(have you seen the woman in the red dress?) and also by dying propell his twin brother to involve a cybermanced estoric hacker? to try to become a god of the matrix?(long story)

there are many other characters believe me I could write an entire novel on the campaign and all the cool things in it and now that im done i get to relax....

....for a weekl or two my next campaign is going to start around that time...
Nicely done and congratulations from a fellow GM!

I can imagine how good it must feel to have wrapped up your saga. My 'A-Team Chronicles' campaign is over halway into its 4th year, but my goal is to have it concluded by the end of this year or middle of the next.

...Strangely enough, I then plan to run 'A-Team 2: The Sequel'; and am currently about to start a prequel campaign entitled: "Shadowrun: Noir -- Seattle 2041". But my true focus is on getting this current game done with, as the story is pretty dear to me.

Did you take notes? Are you planning on doing a write-up for the campaign or anything?
Actually I am planning to do a write up on the campaign (as soon as my mind can rest)

My intention is to have the complete history and background of the plot as well as a general game overview and a comments and suggestions. I have teh time now to touch up and type my house rules that I have implemented during the course of the campaign due to balance and so forth.

But first i must pass out. When I reawaken I will begin on it and try to post it as soon as I can to this thread.
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