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So, I've gotten the netbooks that I have onto a website. Feel free to leave comments/suggestions here and let me know if anything is not working.

Check it out:

Design blatantly stolen from old shadowrun books (specifically Tir Tairngire, p5) but I made the images and coded the site myself. I haven't added it yet, so I'll say here that all that stuff is copyright and trademark of it's respective owners.

Uhm, yeah. I dunno, I guess that's really all :P
Namespace collision!

Totally cool.

One small thing:

Suplimental -> Supplemental
Also, pm me your email addy and I'll send you TSS #1 when I get a chance.

edit: nm, forgot I already had it uploaded. Grab it here: TSS #1
Awesome! Don't happen to have Issue 4, do you?

Misspelling fixed, TSS #1 uploaded.

EDIT: I just added Blackhand's Secret Weapons (PW 0006). I forgot to convert it to pdf before because the rtf I had of it was crappy and I was going to fix it up. It's there now though.
Ok so, I've just added the following:

TSS #4 (that makes all of them as far as I can tell)


NERPS: Edge Runners
NERPS: Underworld
NERPS: Lost and Found

Still Looking For:
NERPS: Dragonlore?
NERPS: Shadowlore II
NREPS: Shadows of the Mind
Oi. I'll look if I get a chance. Been pretty busy though, so it might take some reminding.
I think you got the Bacon quote wrong. It should end with province, not providence. That or he had two versions of the statement in 1592. wink.gif
Wow... Yeah, you're right. And I was copying it from the book too... (Tir Tairngire) so that's pretty bad...

EDIT: Ok, it's changed now nyahnyah.gif
Added a bunch of new files and 2 sub categories to The Shadowrun Supplimental files on the site.

I'm going to be offline until Monday evening though, so if anyone has anything else for me to put up, please freel free to email it to and I'll add it as soon as I get back. I'd like to thank everyone who's helped out so far as I think this will be a very useful resource to the community.

One other note: If you have any of the files I have up in OTHER FORMATS, feel free to send those as well, as keeping only PDFs may have been short-sighted of me. I know feel that having different versions of the files would be better than only having one form. So, anyway, that's all for now. Have a great weekend, and keep up the good work!

~ Chibu
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