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Full Version: Situation Critical - Hollywood Shootout
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Iku Rex
I just watched an excellent National Geographic documentary on the 1997 North Hollywood Shootout .

"Two armed bank robbers, inspired by the movie Heat, take on 200 LA Police Officers amid a hail of bullets. Unlock the real story behind newsflashes and horror headlines."

Naturally, heavily armed and armored psychopaths getting into a battle with the authorities made me think of Shadowrun and I came here to share.

I don't know when it will be aired again by the NGC but I've heard from a friend (TMSAISTI) that you can find it on P2P networks. wink.gif
That's an ooooold story...
Iku Rex
The shootout happened 10 years ago, as I tried to convey through my use of the "1997" designation (Gregorian calendar) in the OP. nyahnyah.gif

On the other hand, the documentary I started the thread to recommend is fairly recent.
I just watched the History Channels Moder Marvels: Bulletproofing, and they talk about the changes to Architecture that the shoot out inspired. Because of that fight you can now by Spectra Shield inserts for doors and walls. I want some!
Wounded Ronin
Spectra sheild: approved by the characters of Jagged Alliance 2! rotfl.gif
It is a great example of what to do and what not to do if A) you are a police officer in a shootout with some crazy heavily armored guys and B) if you are a crazy heavily armored guy in a shoot out with the police.

We learn that B) against police, speed and mobility is more important that armor; if you don't get away quickly you'll be overwhelmed by sheer numbers; unless you have the manpower to stage a full scale war against the police department, just get the hell out of there; and A) If you don't have the firepower to handle the situation just get the hell out of there and let them go; the helicopters will stay on their tail and you'll save lives this way, possibly your own.

We also learned that mounting miniguns in the noses of police helicopters might not be a bad idea.
why would anyone think that miniguns in any situation are a bad idea?
Because they take up space that could be used for rotary autocannons.

yeah, macroguns > miniguns.
QUOTE (mfb)
why would anyone think that miniguns in any situation are a bad idea?

When they're in the hands of police, I have my reservations.

Unless, of course, I get one too. Then fair's fair.
Wounded Ronin
Heh, the minigun talk reminded me of the big brouhaha that followed the NYPD gunning down Diallo with their sidearms. Imagine the outcry if he'd been misted with a minigun.
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