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Full Version: Adept Clarification
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Can Adepts (not mystic Adepts, just normal Adepts) take the 'Summoning' skill set? I can't seem to find the part in the BBB that dictates exactly what skills an Adept can and cannot take.

I want to say any skill linked to Magic is not available to Adepts, but I really can't find the passage in the book to back my claim up...
Ancient History
From p.113, SR4:
Unless otherwise noted in the description, only characters
with the Magician or Mystic Adept quality and a Magic attribute
of 1 or greater may take or use Magic skills. Th e use of
Magical skills is described in Th e Awakened World, p. 163.

Yay. Much celebration and merrymaking would ensue if I had the means.

Ancient History
It's a meme.
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