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I don't know if anyone has put it together, but a sort of Shadowrun calculator that puts together not only the dice vs. TN thing, but something that can build TNs for new/forgetful GMs.

ie, have radio buttons for the ranges of combat, click Short, the TN loads up as four.

As you progress, you check the Smartlink 2 box, the partial cover box, and the running target box. Program figures out TN. Bonus points if it'll roll it for you too!

Now the hard part: Anyone want to put it together...? My lack of programming knowledge and skills is painful to say the least, and any day I don't need to dash out in the rain to buy a "Visual Basic for Damned Idiots!" book is a good one.

Thanks for help, suggestions, and insults, I love you people!
Well, I know for sure that NSRCG comes with a dice roller... However, for the rest of it, just use the books you have. ;p

Oh, and, remember +TN for damage levels. Plus, dice rollers are never truly SR random, you can't copy the way dice bounce, skitter, and smack against each other. It's just impossible to be the same.
That and unless you've got a quantum computer, you won't be truly random (not with the dice, either). If you know all the variables, you can predict the dice.

The entire idea was for my GM who isn't very keen on memorizing/reading. I thought perhaps clicking would be a little more efficient for him.

TN = 3. Good day.


And for the dice thing...just remember what the standard percentages of each TN are and you should do fine. TN 4 is 50/50 and it only gets shittier from there...
You need to remember this, though. SR averages are not real averages, since multiples of 6 do not exist.
Sure they exist. 7, 13, 19, 25...

<Life's GM> Kage, a clown drops from the sky and hits you on the head.
Ouch, Kage. <warily looks to the sky expecting a blue foot...>

There is a GM Tool linked on McMackies NSRCG site, if I remember correctly. That may help.
*Glares up at the sky, rubbing head*
We need a dieroller to resolve orbital Clown attacks.

It could be coded in about 2 minutes, but I dont want to do it dead.gif
Had I VB6 installed, I'd just say "Here!" and put a link up. ;p

However, I do not, and I am also incredibly lazy, and also prone to giving excuses as to why it shouldn't be. ;p
radio buttons for the ranges of combat, click Short, the TN loads up as four.

As you progress, you check the Smartlink 2 box, the partial cover box, and the running target box. Program figures out TN.

OK, I've done some thinking about this program. Here are the TN modifiers I come up with. I'm sure I'm missing 10 or 20 modifiers. Whoever builds this program will, of course, pick the ones he/she thinks are most useful to a beginning GM.

Shooter physical wounds
level of physical pain resistance
Shooter stun wounds
level of stun pain resistance
aim -1,-2,-3 etc.
maintaining spells (+2 first, +4 second, etc.)
astrally perceiving (+2)
walking, running, difficult ground
confused by spell or spirit
disoriented by 1 or more electric shocks
affected by flash-pak +4/+2
only seeing by flash-pak +2
affected by 1 flash grenade (+1 to +6), 2 grenades, etc.
affected by glare from Incendiary Grenade (+2)
affected by Ink Grenade (+4 visibility)
affected by Superflash grenade (+1 per point of damage)
shooter behind cover +1, +2, +3 (advanced rules, CC.97)
penalties to quickness-linked skills for armor (sr3.285)
shooter in melee +2, +4, +6 etc.
shooter or target in/on/under water (CC.111)
vision lowlight/thermo, cybered or natural
smartlink 2 (all or part cyber)
smartlink 1 (all or part cyber)
laser sight (standard or extended)
mag scope/vision
called shot
gyro stabilization (helps movement and recoil penalties)
recoil compensation (built in, added, strength, tripod, etc.)
prior bullets fired this initiative pass (same hand) (heavy weapon or otherwise)
uncompensated bullets from other hand (heavy weapon or otherwise)
second firearm
second target (third, fourth ...)
number of bullets in this Burst Fire burst, or Auto-Fire burst
shooting grenade (lesser benefit from smartlink)
ultrasound sight (gun) & goggles (1/2 (in)visibility penalties)
defaulting to skill in same box (+2)
defaulting to specialization (+3)
defaulting to attribute (+4, no pool)
firing with Magic Fingers spell (+2)
firing from body possessed against its will (+2)
shooter forced by Control Actions spell (+4)
shooter forced by Control Emotions spell (extra willpower test, +2)
shooting through barrier spell (+1 visibility mod)
type of weapon and standard ranges
modified weapon range due to design (CC.74)

target cover
target running
target stationary
target concealed by spirit/spell/invisibility

distance to target
Hey, I can probably do this. I've got a nasty Database project on my plate right now, then comes a WebSite I need to create and then some COBOL I need to do. So I'm fairly busy right now, what with work and school and such, but as late nights go I get to a point sometimes where I can't think Database anymore, I might be able to whip something together. The big thing that would help me out is a list of all of the options you want. Is that list you have there complete? And if so could you send me a message with the different mods for each, I've got almost all the books, I just lack the time to look up all the values. I'm guessing my GM screen should help me out some.

While we're on the topic of programs, is there a Shadowrun Database out there, is there a need for one? If no, then yes, any ideas on how one could be set up? I've got projects coming up where I need to run a databse across the internet for my Web Design Class, and create a multiuser database for my database class, if theres a need perhaps I could whip something up and then try to find somewhere to host it.
I'm actually setting up to work on a project known as the SCOS(Shadowrun Covert Operations Suite) I think I posted an out of date Requirements document in the SR Projects forum. I'm also considering intergrating an IRC like interface into the program to allow players not present or an entire group to do the run online. this tool would do more then just tn's I'm putting in the mod tools(modifying and creating new weaps/vehicles/spells/decks/etc) and surgery tables etc. sort of an all in wonder tool, and I'm getting close to inking it down and doing the design work. As I find the time. it's going to be a C++ prog. let me know what you guys think. cool.gif
Sounds very good ShadwPhoenix - now, if you can only find it in your heart to make a copy that works on a macintosh too I'll name you my Personal SR Hero! upsidedown.gif

I probably have two options for the MAC users either (a) put up a donation link on my site taking brib(cough) I mean donations for getting the software needed to code in MAC (b) Learn Java, which I'm not opposed to, just don't know the semantics when it comes to Java Code, though within a month of study I'd know it well. Any case, I'll consider the Mac peeps, once the Windows one rolls out(want to make sure I make it right before I try to make it in a new OS code) I'll create a new req's document in the SCOS thread in Dumpshock Projects before I begin, and I'll let you guys know with some progress reports after that.

Thanks for your interest. cyber.gif
Check out the Requirements Document here.
SCOS Shadowrun Covert Operations Suite

Hopefully we'll get the ball rolling. I warn you though, it's going to take a lot of time to get done the right way smile.gif

send me your comments wobble.gif
I'll get everything together, and will perform any graphical work you need. I'll put a link up to what I think it'd come out as and the modifiers in a day or so.

BTW: Ourteam, kickass compilation. I'll sort through that and neaten everything up.
Current Range: [Input Box]
Weapon Class:

The program would, in theory, compute the base TN by cross-referencing the input range with the selected weapon class to determine the target number. Mag scopes would simply "bump" it back down a variable level, as per rules.

[Radio Button]Hold-out
[Radio Button]Light Pistol
[Radio Button]Medium Pistol
[Radio Button]Heavy Pistol
[Radio Button]Shotgun
[Radio Button]Submachine Gun
[Radio Button]Light Carbine
[Radio Button]Carbine
[Radio Button]Grenade Launcher
[Radio Button]Assault Rifle
[Radio Button]Sport Rifle
[Radio Button]Sniper Rifle
[Radio Button]Heavy Sniper Rifle
[Radio Button]LMG
[Radio Button]MMG
[Radio Button]HMG
[Radio Button]Anti-Materiel Rifle
Mag Scope Level: [Radio Button]0 [Radio Button]1 [Radio Button]2 [Radio Button]3

(Some are non standard, depending on if you want to incorporate Raygun's ranges, for the purposes of copy and paste, I am. Actual values will be posted upon request.)

[Output Box: Base TN]

Shooter bonuses:
[Checkbox]Simple Action: Aim [Input Box] -# of Simple Actions
[Radio]Smartlink, direct feed -2
[Radio]Smartlink, goggles -1
[Checkbox]Lasersight -1

Shooter penalties:
[Radio]Applicable Light Wound +1
[Radio]Applicable Moderate Wound +2
[Radio]Applicable Serious Wound +3
[Radio]Applicable Deadly Wound +4
[Radio]Applicable Light Stun +1
[Radio]Applicable Moderate Stun +2
[Radio]Applicable Serious Stun +3
[Radio]Applicable Deadly Stun +4
[Checkbox]Maintaining [Input Box] spells +2(value of input box)
[Checkbox]Astrally Perception Active +2
[Radio]Walking +1
[Radio]Walking, Difficult Ground +2
[Radio]Running +4
[Radio]Running, Difficult Ground +6
[Checkbox]In combat with [Input Box] opponents +2(value of input box)
[Checkbox]Armor induced quickness penalty [Input Box]+1(value of input box)

All I can get now, will finish up later. If anyone wants to addon, please do so!

Make sure it checks to see if Smartlink is checked. If it is, no bonus from vision mag, and none from Rangefinder until Long/Extreme range.
I wrote a small program that calculates ranged combat target numbers. See other post for link and details. Combat Mod Calculator
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