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Full Version: Force Limited to 6?
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From page 164 in the Big Book.


Spells, spirits, and magic items (foci) have an attribute
known as Force. Th is measures the magical power of the object,
spell, or being. Force is measured on the same scale as metahuman
attributes (natural 1 to 6). For spells and foci, this is oft en
their only attribute.

Now it is the (natural 1 to 6) that is causeing problems. Some could suggest that this means all spells, foci, wards and spirits must be of force 1 to 6. No where can we find any other mention of a maximum force other than the 2xmagic that is later on. Please, help clarrify what is meant by this.
Jack Kain
With out raising your initiate grade your maximum magic is 6.

Bluntly (and assuming your essence is 6) your maximum magic is your 6+initiate grade.

It is simply saying force is measured like metahuman attributes.
You can cast spells greater than your magic attribute, but the drain is physical.

You could over cast a spell at force 12, but the drain could be lethal.

I think it just means that force ratings 1 through 6 are the normal parameters for most subjects with a Force attribute. Unless there are special circumstances involved, you're not likely to find people throwing force 10 spells or spirits at you, foci over rating 6 sitting on store shelves, etc. Or perhaps it's meant to establish that Force ratings are measured on the same metric, whether the subject is an Awakened metahuman, spell, spirit, or whatever. Force 1 always represents the most rudimentary level of magical power, force 3 is about average, and force 6 is something relatively extraordinary, but not *too* out there.
This is what I felt it meant. However you can see how the confusion can be caused since it compares force to attributes, and attributes are limited 1-6 except for metahuman adjustment, and there is no metahuman adjustment for the force of spells, foci, wards and spirits.
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