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Full Version: The living only please!
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The Living Only please!

Type: Physical +1
Range: LOS-Area +2
Duration Sustain: + 0
Physical Maniupulation +0
Major Change: +2

Drain: (F/2) + 5

This spell converts all non-living objects in the area of effect intoa liquid form. While objects that are part of a beings (essence paid for) are not effected any other non-living matter is.

If the Object resist is beaten, the object turns to liquid. NOTE: intelligent victims of the spell will likely not where the casting mage is as only objects visible to the mage will be effected so if your dog-tags dont change, yet you see the clip holding Bobbi's hair infront of your change, you can safely assume the mage is behind you.

Also NOTE: This requires some GM discretion since only visible objects can be 'changed' but what is visible.

Your 'pistol' is visible but is that an object, or does only the 'slide' intially change, then as it flows away, the rest becomes visible and changes...

likewise if the mage is infront of you, your backpack is likely not visible; however, the 'straps' are visible. Are the part of the backpack (in which case IT is visible though with perception modifiers for partial (mostly) hidden) and it would be turned to liquid (though items in it initially wouldn't; If the 'straps are a seperate item (not part of the backpack) then the backpack wouldnt be converted, however, the straps would which would likely result in the backpack falling to the ground (and very likely becoming visible (thus entering area effect and having to resist)

A great way to break up riots. While a little painful to cast the confusion and surprise this spell causes makes it a major help in breaking up riots / crowds / etc.

While perhaps not as effective against a 'professional team' crowds / riots / gangers are often widely distrupted when suddenly the are naked, weaponless, and surronded by a similar group of people.

Allow it?

Disallow it?

As a related side note: Can Spell defense be applied to an 'object' (I.E. could a mage use his counterspelling to help protect an object from being effected?).

Jack Kain
I can see a lot of public nudity from this spell, Your clothing and armor turns to liquid.

I'd say the mage has be with in touching range of the object this can cripple a street samurai worse then manabolt or stunball, as it take away there weapons.

The amount of material should likely be limited by force some how. Otherwise you have a mage saying. I turn the bridge to liquid.
Fix can only fix force times successes in kg.

Fling is force in kg.

so some spells have limits
and Fashion doesn't

Reinforce is magic meter^2

Shape Element appears to be jest limited by the 'area of effect'

Personally I think I would allow it to do the standard area of effect equal Force-meters radius.

Figure 'Shape plastic' could do largely the same thing pulling any plastics in force meter radisu into desired shape. (and 99% of clothing is plastic based in SR).

I agree its munchiny and would put some limits on it.

1) Wanton premeditated physical assualt and sexual assult. While the 'police' can get away with stripping you naked in a non-lethal way to disperse a crowd, a civilian does it and they are going to have a lot of criminal and civil charges against them, Figure one person get a good read on the aura and you could be in trouble.

2) I would allow 'counterspelling' to protect the items on a person. (if mage could see the item). If the counterspelling mage is set to disrupt magic aiming for Bob, I would allow counterspelling to also protect Bob's gun (if mage could see it.

3) If the players use it, rest assured the evil GM will use it even more smile.gif
QUOTE (laughingowl)
and Fashion doesn't

Fashion does. You can't change the amount of material.
QUOTE (odinson @ May 30 2007, 04:53 AM)
QUOTE (laughingowl @ May 29 2007, 11:01 PM)
and Fashion doesn't

Fashion does. You can't change the amount of material.

Fashion doesnt have a limit on the AMOUNT affected, it does prohibit from changing the amount. You could fashion Big D's Fat Momma's mumu if you wanted to you cant change the size. You can not 'create' matter (or destroy) matter, but Fashion has no limit (listed) on how much it could fashoin.

The clothes on those Macy parade floats, could be 'Fashioned' even though the are a hundred feet tall. Now if the float was wearing a Tux, you could change it into a busniess suit, or a Zoot-suit, or parachute pants and a turtle neck, but you couldnt change it into a speedo.

The 'amount' changed is not limited. you can not 'change' the amount though.

If you found a piece of clothing that was 5^99999 square yards of fabric you could re-fashion it however you wanted, it just needs to be 5^99999 square yards when you re done.

So unless you are re-doing the clothes for a greater form dragon it probably doesnt matter... but put a skirt on the earth and you coudl technically 'fashion' it with the spell.
Personally I like it, although I'm not so sure if only the material within LOS would be effected, ala Fireball.
A few things confuse me, in a similar manner to turn to goo spell. What happens when you cease sustaining the spell? The effect ends, so do the affected items congeal out of the puddle at your feet? What if it's raining? Does your stuff re-solidify in the drains?
The Jopp
My take on it, slightly simplified.

Name: Liquify (Transform Non-Living Matter)
Class: Manipulation (Area, Major Change)
Type: P • Range: LOS • Duration: S • DV: (F ÷ 2) + 5
Treshold: Highest object resistance in AOE

The caster nominates an area and cast his spell, anything affected by the spell will become a viscous liquid and become a slimy puddle. Whenever the spell duration is removed objects will return to their original shape, even if parts of it has drained away somewhere as long as a major portion of it is still there. Objects retaining their shape in confined spaces might look…funny.

ALL objects within the AOE is affected, not just object within the immediate LOS.

Right... so from the other thread. This spell, maybe a modification for lots of whipped cream... an mass orgy spell... and some tridcams and you're ready to go. Who needs to actually do runs when you can do this and sell the images on the matrix?
"I have found the reason for your clog." Unknown Plumber commenting on spell.
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