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Full Version: A non-restricted version of Shape [Element]"
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Hmm it doesnt look like Shape Element has the 'restricted target' applied to it, yet is is a restricted target. (to me it is the equivilant of 'critter form' versus shape change).

So the question while a casting could only effect a type of material would you allow (and what would the drain be of: Shape any one Material

GO with the logic of restricted target equals minus 1 so 'unrestricted target equals +1 and increase drain by one?"

Also what skills would be neded to build 'effectively', could a mage with Shape concrete (or your shadowrun verision): make a quick buick renovating sections of the barrents, pulling broken building together to form a nice solid building (even if the inside would still need to painted / finished / wired / etc). Seems like a mage could build (or rebuild since they would need the concrete to be there) a building pretty fast this way.

Industrial Mechanics needed to build?
Engineering skill?

or does magic take care of it all.
How about the knowledge skill civil engineering.
Well 'Engineering' is the knowledge skill. Civil is a speciality

I could also see Indusctrial Mechanic. One of the specialties is 'structural'.

Sounds like:

To 'design' the building would be an engineering (civil) test.

To build (manually) would be an Indusctrial Mechanic (structural, or possibly wedling if mostly metal).

So the question is which if either would you need to use the spell to build.

If you had blue prints I think I would get by with none. Though if you had (or wanted to make) an Industrial Mechanics roll I would allow you to possibly improve (get a little extra structure/armor rating then it should have and/or improve the 'appearance' (neatly squared corners etc, or crudely poured molds).

If you didnt have blue prints, I probably would require a Engineering test. With threshold depending on how simple of structure you wanted.

I single room one story cabin would probably be a 1.

An Archology would probably be in the 30+ range. (which means you better do it as an extended test and design some blue prints before asting the spell)
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