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Full Version: Spruce Up!
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Spruce UP:

Type: Physical +1
Range: Touch -2
Duration: Permenant +2
Physical Manipulation +0

Drain: (F/2)+1


This is basically a 'Makeover' spell for a building / object

While it doesnt physically change and function or status (does not repair lost structure points, etc). It does clean / polish / tidy up the object and apply a fresh coat of paint / enamel / dye / etc.

This is the quick and dirty 'fix it up'. cleaning the old and slapping a new coat of paint on. It would not replace rotted window sills, but might 'hide' the rotten window sells under fresh paint.

The Object resitance must obviously be beaten and the sucesses determine the 'style' of the spruce up.
Doesnt seem broken to me. Its also something a summoned spirit could do if provided the materials.
And there was me hoping that this spell made a christmas tree...
A note on the actual spell; I'd limit the size of building that could be effected based on the force of the spell as well as how good the work done was.
QUOTE (ornot)
And there was me hoping that this spell made a christmas tree...

yeah, considering his other spells, i was pretty much expecting it to do something like that too nyahnyah.gif
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