Corrode Object

Type: Physical +1
Range: LOS
Physical Manipulation +0

Drain: (F/2)+1

Basically the inverse of Reinforce Object. Corrode object weakens a object. The objects resist must be overcome, but each hit (not net hit) reduces the objects armor and structual vaule by one.

As per reinforce it is limited to objects equal to or less then the casters Magic in square meters.

Objects reduced to -1 strcuture crumble / break apart / collapse under their own weight. (note GM will need to rule on small objects structure rating since the base chart is based on 10cm of said item).

This spell has to main uses.

1) helping take out barriers. A corrode object, followed up by a ram (or the troll and his size 33 door opener).

2) Actually directly destroying smaller / weaker objects. While perhaps not as effective as actually just taking ou the 'person' a corroded gun might likely be destroyed (if its object resistance is beaten) and even if not destroyed will almost certainly blow apart instead of fire if used.

A favorite amoung Entropy mages.