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Full Version: Elemental Armor
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Elemental Armor is basically the 'armor' spell with the elemental effect +2 added in.


Armor (Physical, Elemental)
Type: P • Range: LOS • Duration: S • DV: (F ÷ 2) + 5

This spell creates a field of 'Element' around the target. This field provides balistic and impact armor equal to the hits scored.

In addition it is treated as an 'Elemental Aura' (as per spell). Increase the DV of any melee attacks the target does by hits and applying it as elemental damage.

Also any melee attacks against the target suffer Force DV elemental damage.


Should the drain be higher?, logically it seems to work, but even at f/2+5 it seems a little cheap for basically two for one spell. would (F/2)+6 be better
I'd say the +5 works well, though I would refrain from adding the hits to DV of damage - leave that to the elemental aura spell and have this provide armor. If you want, increase the armor against the type of attack the element is instead.
I say make the damage be a base that occurs when melee happens instead of additional damage.

So for example if I have force 4 fire armor and someone gets hit or hits me they suffer the 4P damage from it.

Just a thought.
Elemental Aura?
Mr. Unpronounceable
Elemental Aura is a spirit power.

Basically anytime you hit the person/spirit with the aura, you take damage based on the force, resisted by half impact + relevant armor treatment (anti-cold, anti-electrical, etc.)

Very painful for anti-spirit adepts who aren't prepared for it.
Elemental Aura is also a spell in Street Magic.

This attempts to combine Elemental Aura and Armor.

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