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Ok so if I read it right(p213) Pilot acts like system but in addition has cybercombat, computer, data search and hacking capabilities plus the whole "flying a drone thing" plus the ability to run programs.

1. In a drone is it correct that you don't need an IC so much because the Pilot itself can engage in cybercombat? It simply needs to have an attack prog or whatever loaded.

2. Is it correct to assume that the electronics can be upgraded same as a comlink (so your drone comes with rating 3 stuff. You then toss that crap and put in some rating 5).

3. do autosofts get some kind of freebie with the whole "no more programs than system or response goes down" thing. I assume that actual progs loaded would count.

4. Anyway to keep drones from being easily turned against you other than upgrading them to 6's? For example could the system operate with wireless turned off and just operate on verbal commands? Could it operate on verbal comands via radio (not wireless matrix, old fashined radio to an audio sensor). Of course a decker with sufficiant electronic warefare could probably spoof your voice. Or could you run on directional IR comunication. (you have to aim the laser at it's sensor to communicate). Maybe extremly long hardwired cables?

5. If hacked, and the pilot system knows it's hacked, will it accept commands for the hacker? Or won't it do so until the whole subscriber list has been messed with. Even then, if it knows it's hacked should you roll to see if it simly doesn't obey anybody? (Knowing it's hacked means it beat the stealth rating on the attacking IC, but isn't having any luck whacking the icon.) Would making the above roll just require the hacker to use edit one last time on the pilot to get what they want?

6. With the whole spoof thing could you give the drone pilots commands that it simply will not follow? For example shooting it's owner. To protect against spoofing? Can you set it to not accept "commands" instead either running on dog brain or via being jumped in, just to avoid the risk of a spoof?
1)somewhat. then again, you don't technically need a gunner, but wouldn't it be nice if your drone could shoot and dodge at the same time? similarly, it would be nice if your drone wasn't so busy protecting itself that it can't do it's job in the physical world.

2)yes, you could do that. it is, of course, expensive if you do it for many drones.

3)no, autosofts count as programs too. it only decreases the drone's initiative though, basically (see FAQ for details).

4)voice control has been suggested, as has the possibility of a drone that accepts orders, shuts off wireless, performs orders, and then goes somewhere to wait for you. theoretically including a passkey would have some kind of effect, and requiring biometric checks for certain commands would be a good idea. you probably could use a directional beam, but there is no ruleset for it. and yes, wired links are possible, with all the encumberment that entails.

5)the hacker could give commands provided he could adequately spoof your commcode etc.

6)theoretically, i see no reason why not. you'd probably have to discuss it with your GM, but certainly if an RFID tag can have hardwired in instructions, so could a drone imo.
actually I am the GM. So I should know this stuff since it's only a matter of time until one of the gets a drone.

More relevent I have a hacker and he's about to come up against some drones. I'm not trying to spoil his fun. but I want to do it "right" and with a liitle bit of reason.

Also what happense if a rigger is "jumped in" and you try to hack the thing. I assumed spoof no longer works.
QUOTE (sunnyside)
Also what happense if a rigger is "jumped in" and you try to hack the thing. I assumed spoof no longer works.

nothing really specifies. my personal opinion is that the drone should obey the persona that is rigging over the persona that is outside giving orders, but that's just me.

this would mean that a hacker, in order to take over a rigged drone, would have to hack into the drone itself, log on, and defeat the rigger in cybercombat, then take over the drone afterwards. ie, not very easy/fast to do, compared to spoofing. but then again, rigging should have at least some sort of advantage when it comes to driving, and this is about the only situation i can see it coming up.

anyways, this is another one of those "GM call" situations, but that's how i would handle it.
QUOTE (sunnyside)

Also what happense if a rigger is "jumped in" and you try to hack the thing. I assumed spoof no longer works.

Actually, spoof still functions since a "jumped in" rigger still has a data stream between the drone & the rigger that carries all the VR/simsense info. The difference is that the rigger has a much better chance of noticing the spoof since you're essentially sending bogus data to their "body". Telling a drone to stop in their tracks or charge headlong into oncoming fire will definitely be noticed.

Of course a really subtle spoof might not be noticed, say if you skew all the targeting commands by 3-degrees. That's a bit harder to adjucate than sending a "full speed" command though.
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