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Full Version: Technomancer Echoes
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Ok, so after some decent game time with a technomancer in our group, I've found that a very effective way of spicing up the buzz brains are to offer Echoes for submersion that mimic some of the cyberware functions that just feel right for a non-cyber matrix hacker.

Touch of Resonance - Offers skinlink abilities
Vault of the mind - Offers memory storage (though still no programs may be run, just cold storage)
Akashic record - Allows simsense experiences to be recorded like a simrig
Sigh of emptiness - functions as a directional or area jammer (choose when selected) of rating equal to your submersion
Ghost in the Shell - (had to do it), +2 Vehicle tests while "jumped in"

It could go pretty far in a similar theme of SM in having greater echoes such as:
Will be done - mimics skillwires of rating equal to submersion. requires Vault of the mind ability.

Mabye limit some abilities with special qualities as a requirement, such as Photographic Memory necessary for the Vault of the Mind ability.

Also I ruled that the Technomancer Skills block on page 233 of BBB only really states that technomancers can't teach others their skills but they fundamently function the same.

For instance, a technomancer can break the copyright protection on an agent program and copy it (though he couldn't run it in his mind, he could load it unto his teamates and his commlink for IC security).

A technomancer could still build his/her own commlink or response or signal upgrade, but would do so intuitively and would be hard pressed to explain to anyone how it was actually done. "it just felt right"

This means that a TM still can function effectively as a security support role with the team's networking. He could still techniquely write a normal program and store it or run it on any physical device.

A little innocent flavor ruling: In looking at pg 233 BBB at the Living Persona Table, it seems to me that when running VR a TM seems to get the constant benefit of a reality filter (which would make sense but isn't stated anywhere) in the +1 to Response while in VR. I've allowed the player TM a little leadway in that assumption as we all perceive reality differently in our own minds and so allow him to color his own experiences a little since they aren't conforming to a true OS.

What do you all think? Considering the themes and Metamagic abilities presented in SM I don't think the above are in any way unbalanced. But I'd like to hear any points of contention or other ideas for more Echoe's that would fit the theme. Thanks.

the default rules say that TM skills are different than normal skills. they don't say that they can't be used for the same thing. TMs with software already do make normal programs. they just don't do it the same way hackers do.

in fact, iirc the hardware skill for the TM isn't even actually a different skill, technically...
The Jopp
If you want to take things a bit furtehr you can check out these rules:

Yea, allright, you can skip the section regarding the entire new set of rules for technomancers and check the last section regarding new echoes. =)
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