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This was prompted by some of the answers in the 'frequency of magic' thread. I thought it might be interesting, and maybe helpful for some GMs out there, to see what kind of runs people did. So what were your last 10 runs?

We haven't done 10 runs as a group yet. So far we have:

Hi-jacked a truck containing mysterious magical cargo.
Located/rescued an adolescent shapeshifter being hunted by survivalists.
Captured a cyberzombie that had killed its creator.
Found and destroyed the source of secret Awakened ingredients for a chocolate factory.
Been pawns in a larger scheme to kill the employer's husband's mistress.
Our group progresses pretty slowly so I don't think I can come up with ten, but here goes.

- Smash and grab for some paydata at some office complex, and associated coverup and blame placement.
- Body guards for Maria Mercurial (Of course we're quitting! Its a fraggin Dragon!)
- Side run involving punishing some gang members for some lack of discretion
- Smuggling run into the SSC
- More retribution against various parties.
- Another datasteal this time player character generated run
- Wetwork against some policlub for some policlub.
- Interspliced with a lot of auto theft to make ends meet.
-extract a researcher from a corp facility
-recover a body and briefcase from the Redmond suborbital crash
-steal some cool tech (a decker-in-a-box) from a Fuchi facility
-decrypt the contents of a chip taken from the crash site and spend about a month
REALTIME trying to figure out what to do with it
-hold Renraku hostage with the data, and then sell it to Saeder-Krupp
-get schooled by Saeder-Krupp and start all over again, with new SINs and everything.

You'd be surprised how little we've actually accomplished in half a year of play. smile.gif
A Novatech extraction featuring Foreigner, Phaeton, and the cat shaman
The ninja guy captures another runner for the token mysterious organization
Phaeton gets hired for a bogus run involving a mage who nearly kills him
Not a run, really. A screwed up dream sequence with Phaeton, though.
Hired by a tribe of otaku to destroy the vampire picking them off one by one
Ninja guy sent to steal a special type of spell focus from a Triad hideout

- now we're getting all the way back to the real life group...

A one-shot arcology game
An attempt to stop a sniper that fails miserably repeatedly until the GM's NPC catches the bad guy for us (different GM)
A corp strike him hits the runner's apartment in retaliation for some of the bigger messups in the last game that resulted in even stupider player actions and nearly killed the team
"Scavenger hunt" style run that featured the players being selfish jerks for the most part (come on, I know this is the shadows, but... they stole stuff from a homeless guy just because they could!) and were stupid in general (very major and very stupid screwup on corp property)
Last 10 runs were part of a campaign or two of mine, I'll break them apart for you

1. Runners are hired to steal data from the head of a Data Courier(Johnny Neumonic Style!) turns out the Data Courier held data on a new FAB product underway in Shiawase.

2. Runners are exposed to the MD-FAB created by Shiawase, this is an imperfect chemical compound which while paralyzing a mages ability to case, also has the side effect of eating the essence of mundanes. Exposure comes as the players walk through the Barrens. Shiawase did open testing in the Barrens, and Ares hires the players to steal a sample of the compound in which to make a cure.

3. Hijacking of Shiawase Transport delivering several gallons of MD-FAB destined for a production house. Bomb was found on board, and promptly disassembled with the help of the Red Hot Nukers, who built the device originally.

4. Destruction of a Shiawase Chemical Production Facility creating the new Magic Devouring Bacteria experienced in prior missions for Ares

5. Initial Investigation of wetwork target with information the Johnson provided, Doc Wagon Forensics report on the Condition of Broken Doc Bracelet. Forensics on last known residence, residence then rented out for a command central.

6. Investigation work in Council Island. lots of forensics information gathered.

7. Work with the Matrix Mafia(a mafioso org I created for my world) in order to get information about their target. Simple run rescuing a critical NPC for the MM, Condemned building holding the kidnappers ends up levelled, PC character trapped in rubble.

8. Acquisition of some equipment from a Mitsuhama Lab, runners caught by the Security Rigger, FAB and Sentinels pin the runners down, majority of group escapes narrowly by ventilation shaft, Face left behind and schmoozed his way into making a deal with the rigger for his release.

9. Runners in their first outing from Seattle, going to Omaha Sprawl, actual contact with their target was made through setting up a fake smuggling run. botched meet with target as they detonate the fuel tank on the Targets Hoverbike. Running getaway with the target running into a limo, while the Targets friendly Yaks kill the groups Decker. Mages flinging fireballs into the street, several wageslaves were killed. A new Character was almost killed in a Fuel-Air Explosion of his own creation, rolling hand of god and killing 8 Yaks ready to gun him down. Target Escapes explosion narrowly.

10. Runners being led by the nose to the airport and seattle docks by their target for an assassination, also underwater combat with Elven Covert Ops Specialists who were seen stealing a briefcase from the Yakuza boat that the Target was supposedly taking, an artifact belonging originally to a dragon, once it was discovered the owner of the case, it was returned, and the runners made a deal with the dragon to assist.

My Players are still after their target, but now, the scope just go a whole lot bigger, as they must deal with a Dragon gone bad. eek.gif

Theft and Delivery of 100 lbs of awakened catnip to a house in the barrens ocupied by dozens of paranormal cats.

Evaision of a very very angry cat shaman.

Let see, the ten last ops...

11/2058 : abduction an operative in Morrocco, inside the property of a man who made a business of protecting his guests.

10/2058 : identifying and abducting a neural reprogrammation expert of Ares Guantanamo Base medical staff.

09/2058 : arresting a member of an elite burglars team in Antwerp.

08/2058 : retrieving a mage hidden by the Draco Fundation somewhere in Washington before the FBI

07/2058 : search for one of the PC's arch-nemesis in Havana, also wanted by Nubians working for Celedyr (see below)

06/2058 : retrieving in Seattle a software stolen by the Russian mob and the MIFD

05/2058 : preventing an assassination to occur in Transys Neuronet Caerleon Research Center

04/2058 : investigating leak and sabotage concerning the Boeing cameleon airplane Raven before its demonstration for the Pentagon higher-ups

03/2058 : retrieving a bio-chem weapons to be used by terrorists during Mardi Gras in New Orleans.

02/2058 : investigating the illegal transport of bio-chem weapons by Ares, and a theft that followed (prelude to the one above).
"What's a Nubian?"


P.S. Sorry, obscure quote.
QUOTE (easytohate)
Theft and Delivery of 100 lbs of awakened catnip to a house in the barrens ocupied by dozens of paranormal cats.

Evaision of a very very angry cat shaman.

This may well be the only one of these I ever give out.


Talia Invierno
What Kagetenshi said biggrin.gif
Spread out over 3 different GMs, and 4 campaigns

(New campaign) 10. Kidnap the children of a Gang Leader and tattoo warnings on their now shaved heads.

9. Investigate a mountain base, turned out to be dragon layer... plenty of Shedim running around too eek.gif

8. Track down a small time BTL dealer for the Maffia and take care of him. The gambler ended up shooting the Adept in back for execuiting the guy. (one shot campaign run by me)

7. (New Campaign) Kill a bunch of lame elven Eco-Terrorists who interupted out dinner (based off the terrorists from the Cowboy Bebop episode: Gateway Shuffle... our GM was on a real CB kick)

6. Destroy humongous Saeder-Krupp luxury liner. Never completed as campaign ended

5. Hunt down the paracritter attacking a farmer's livestock. They deal with the Wendigo (my Mob goon getting geeked in the process by a group member), and on the way back into Seattle, teammate sells them out for KE bounty. Gas main explodes and everyone dies.

4. Break into an R&D facility, run went bad, half the group got captured by Knight's Errant. Huge battle to escape KE detention center, leveled the entire building killing hundred as groups Raven Shaman detonates a bomb strapped to his chest. 1 Mil nuyen bounty now on the group's head

3. Break into facility to find out what happened and retrieve data. Group's troll got geeked by a swarm of Abrams Lobsters. Eventually got the data. My Adept got killed by the group's Flame Thrower.

2. Recover a stolen necklace (power focus) from a gang. Gang leader had MBW 4 and a vindicator mini-gun eek.gif Never did complete that one

1. First Run.

Compared to what everyone else has posted, I feel very gypped.
We've only had 6 runs, and currently on our 7th:

7: Infiltration of a larger downtown corporate building/complex, theft of hard and soft-copy files, and placement of bugging devices.

6: Grab a chip carried by a courier. This turned out easier than we planned when a decker joined our group. Yay.

5: Break into a film exec's home and get some data files. Simple? Sure, until we find out he has loads of security, and even a guard at the gate to his house. The temporary decker and our Face ended up taking a 30m dive off the cliff in back. Both survived...barely.

4: Travel to Salish with a reporter-passenger, assault a small survivalist camp and recover a kidnapped (and apparently brainwashed) teen. Claymore mines suck, first-hand experience.

3: Grab a certain artwork from a Federated Boeing armored delivery service before it can be delivered to a museum. We got intercepted by another runner crew, and walked out on the run. It looked dismal from the first moment, but we had high hopes.

2: Retreive a stolen BTL, as a favor for our Fixer. We turned over the thief with the BTL, and presumed him dead. So did everyone else. Go figure, he's not. This is bad, but we're dealing with him after Run 7.

1: Corper Extraction. Worked well enough, except we thought we got ourselves on the news. My character started the campaign with a bang by shooting the pistol out of a bodyguard's hand.

Runs we've turned down (that I can recall):
5.5: Wetwork. Kill one man, deliver another, for some organized crime group. Our face stepped out (and ended up regretting it), as did our mage, leaving too few people to confidently take the job. Next time, I'm not passing up an easy 150k job.
I remember back when I first started SR.... *screen gets fuzzy and enter flashback*

1. Food fight (to show off how things work)

2. Food fight

3. First run

4. Dreamchipper

5. Food fight (with bigger guns)

6. Gang game the GM made up

7. Food fight

8. Food fight

9. Hunting wildlife - Other player acheives his life long dream of wasting a sasquatch and largely stops attending games

10. Food fight

Man.. I miss those days. I kinda wish I had had a group with slightly longer attention spans, however.
"What's a Nubian?"

LOL, I love that movie!

"Ya just can't talk about the holy trinity without some cracker bringing up Lando Calrisian"

We haven't had ten runs yet either, but I'll share what we've done so far.

Run #1 - Steal some data from an isolated computer without being detected. Was supposed to involve framing a guy that the Johnson wanted to extract (since the man had turned the Johnson down), but that thread was left hanging.

Run #2 - Find and punish the person or people responsible for a Johnson's wife's death. Fun tale of betrayal and adultery. Killed someone "accidentally" in the run, though - that'll come back to haunt them.

Run #2.5 (turned down) - Hijack a DocWagon rescue van and deliver it to a rival corp. Really thought they'd go for this one, but they preferred to keep their own DocWagon contracts. Maybe if the pot had been a little sweeter...

Run #3 - (taken from Blackjack's site) - eliminate the research, scientists, and samples for a drug that nullifies the addictive effects of a new street drug. They actually did it, too, the bastards.

Run #4 - Recover a magical artifact from a downed aircraft. Not yet completed.

Run #5 - Rescue a friend (captured in #4) from a corp facility before he blabs about the team and its contacts. Turns out he DOES blab, so that should be fun for the future.
For the last run in my current campaign, i plan on doing "The 10 dreams of Miss Thelma" off blackjack's site. god It's gonna be FUN.

Aztland (jungle), Maui, Japan (bamboo forests), Andes Mountains, Siberia, Australia, Egypt, Italy, Germany, Iceland... All in 10 days. rotfl.gif

10: "Bug Be Gone": Brainwashed Insect shamen, underage orc salegirls, Sewer diving in milspec armour, lusty succubi, a mall filled with buggy bargains, why 6 Force 5 Fire Elementals are your friends, Hand-to-called-shot combat, stunt driving a shopping trolley full of insecticide, MORE WP, "They're coming outta the fraggin WALLS", "Elemental, go hug that thing", insecure security and of course, BUG BE GONE, F$%K Yeah!. 12/10.

9: "Shopping, Mark 2" or how our decker got on the top-20 list of cyber-terrorists. Ripping off a few Excalibers, sure, we could handle that. But a Containerful? Oh, and the paracritters being shipped along with the hardware, the guards, the gangs we bribed, suckered or plain intimidated into acting as decoys and Officer Smith; A man who's face is now worn by low-life scum during any crime that means walking past a recording device. And what happens when you make Grid-Sec make everyone drive in reverse. Pure Chaos. 8/10

8: "Hey, Look, We're famous!" Discovering that footage from the StufferShackEXTREME was being sold as "Shadowrunners VS Lonestar, nobody walks away", our decidely unhappy crew pulled out all the stops for a terrible vengence. Resident Sam and porno expert walked away with millions of nuyen worth of rare porno masters (The only one who could recognize the value of it), the dwarf got a new ride and our bowman successfully shot-down a Hughes Stallion... when the Grand-dragon missed. Also: The death of the Silver Brumby. Messy but heroic. 9/10

7: "How not to go shopping" - Resident dwarven demo expert needed more toys, but was ripped off by the seller. He called in favours owed (And dug in deep with teammates) to deliver a messy message of "Don't screw over the stumpy" Noteable Occurances: Pulling the bodies of gangers who jumped from a nearby shop-front to stomp in the roof of the stumpymobile...with it's electronic "don't touch me Bro!" tazer system. 10s stun adds up quickly. Thank god for battery-backups and induction motors. 5/10

6: "SuperStufferShackEXTREME!" A Walmart-sized super Stuffer Shack social experiment wired for sound and guarded by our clueless Runners. With Ghouls and the most unlikely shot from our resident Minotaur-Surfer Bowman, Ever. (16 TN, bugger rolled a 17 and a 19 to skewer a vampire through the side of a bus. Ok, Roll dodge of...Highest number was a 2.....roll body, burning that NPS Karma....highest was a 3. Ah, yup.) 7/10

5: "Honeyed Milk of Magnesia, Sodium and Molten Aluminium": Deliver medical items from Clinic A to Clinic B while collecting a 25 nuyen/head bounty on the local gangs. IT turned out that the "Porno-adept" Sammy had an identical twin. WP in the airvents, Fire on the decor, Fire from the Taco-bell, new toys, the proper use of grenades in stairwells and the correct response to, "Hey, what are you doing up there" as called out by NPCs. 8/10

4: "Family Jewels": Simple, non-messy, all on the role-play, obscenely profitable. Lost: Jeweled Foci belonging to the murdered offspring of the Tir Elite. Gained: Assload of cash, and the respect and admiration of the sarcastic, self-loathing Jeweler to Princes and IE's, Hans Silvernmench. Thank god we didn't bring along an elf. 9/10

3: "Toasting Halloweenies": Birth of the legend of the Silver Brumby, death comes swiftly, but not as fast as Mr Wizzard, What does an orc WANT with a vindicator and gun-cam anyway? And the removal the Halloweener Gang as a viable entity through their love of Molatovs and an initiated mage who rolled double digits on a force 5 control fire spell. Evil. 8/10

2: Stuffer Shack. "Oh god, did that all happen, with the fires, and the screaming, and the melting children...?" "Yes, and we shall never speak of it again." 7/10

1: "Samurai Jones and the Temple of, you know, when that guy's heart got ripped out, it was cool!" Shark Shamen, Organ-legging, Houdan, misplaced virgins, lost artifacts, unhallowed temples devoted to dark deeds and 5 brand-new untried runners. 14/10

That's right, 14. I'm still using plot hooks from that one 2 years later, and they still haven't gone and visited the doctors dominated/mind controlled into selling their patients for parts.

We run, well, not frequently any more. But the ones where shouting was required to he heard over the gasping laughter of onlookers tended to end up to be the good ones.

Holy crap! Bored much??? How the hell did you find this thread? biggrin.gif
Was researching sub-orbital mechanics for possible insane fun and happened to come across this bragging session. Couldn't resist:)


1 - Assisting a catholic priest/mage at his initiation rite which was linked to his metamagic prophecies concerning the mortal sins of his commune.

2 - Finding a russian Mobsters runaway ex-girlfriend, who turned out to be a spy

3 - not a real run with Johnson's, more a private thing - After a serial killer, who has been in the news for months killed a friend of one of the runners, he starts to investigate and gets involved into a conspiracy of the Senate of Hamburg (the city we're playing in) to gain independence from the AGS and form an alliance with Tricity in Poland and that anarchist Russian portcity. The Killers were pomoryan elves, trying to protect their interests in the baltic sea. The players were later on supported by the transhuman league (because lots of the victims were heavily augmented) and Ares. In the end there was a huge 3way blackhawkdownlike showdown between the local security provider, the pcs and the elven cult in the flooded slum areas of hamburg.

4 - breaking into an MCT magical research facility in Prague

5 - another pc (former gangmember/sniper) sponsored run against his old gang (i.e. killing the gang boss and the officers, he thought that they've done horrible things to him... made him the monster he is etc., so he had to kill every single one of them... cyberpsychosis anyone?)

6 - searching some very special vehicles for a gang of lesbian/bisexual biker chicks^^

7 - blackmailing some union officials/politicians involved in the independence movement

8 - retrieving a stolen prototype car from a gang before the jaguar guards, resulting in a chase/firefight between the car and an aztec blackop helicopter (Shadowrun Missions Lost and Found)

9 - a favor for one of the groups fixers who was hunted by his former corporate masters. the runners were posing as the fixer for a few days, than caught the agents and brainwashed them.

10 - rescuing a kidnapped boxing champion from a gang
A few from one of my more varient "what-if" non-Canon campaigns...

( 1 ) The niece of one of the Runners is targeted by an A.I. Serial Killer who uses BTL grade P-Fixes after she stumbles alittle too close to the truth while investigating a "news story". They managed to save the spoiled Slitch, but they are now in the crosshairs of "The Serial Murder Resource Center", who wants to find and restore a backup of the A.I.

( 2 ) It was supposed to be a simple series of rescue missions for a small fry research corp. How could the Runners be expected to know that the corp had sucessfully breached dimensional barriers and the researchers they were supposed to find were stranded on several pararal "Earths" ala Sliders? (Not the Metaplanes, but actual alternate worlds.)

( 3 ) The Johnson wanted Lisa Brown dead, he didn't care how. Hell, he wasn't even sure what she looked like or where she lived, just that she was human and was between the ages twelve and twenty-five. He was however willing to pay very well on a "per head" bounty as long as the proper documentation was provided.

( 4 ) After a run gone wrong the team is given a choice of either donating several organs they will probably need or work their debt off by completing in a series of bloodsports. Surely a team of bad-assed Shadowrunners can waltz into a ring of bloodsports and win null sweat right?

( 5 ) Is it really possible for the new serum hitting the streets to temporarily Awaken a mundane if it doesn't turn his body into a bloody sludge? And what are the corps willing to pay for someone whose powers didn't fade 28 days later?

( 6 ) Antractica isn't on anyone's vaction wishlist, but the discovery of an ancient city full of advanced mana-tech and over goodies makes it the newest hot-spot, especially when a group calling themselves the "Sons of Atlantis" threatens to use what they claim to be Fourth Age magical WMDs in the Runner's home sprawl if the corps don't back off. (The Runners learned that arogent children should not play with ThingsWhichManWasNotMeantToKnow, especially when they reconized the spokesman as a former Johnson who introduces herself as "Lisa Brown".)

- Smuggled medical supplies for a doctor in Denver.

- Extracted a biochemical researcher out of Berlin. One runner ran into a protean. Literally.

- Bodyguard for a reporter who stumbled onto a big coverup in the Yucatan.

- Datasteal against Yamatetsu, plant evidence to frame Seoulpa Rings.

- Ambushed on an ocean liner docked in Sydney by a vengeful Mr. Johnson from a previous run.

- Escorted a potential Mayoral nominee from one location to another.

- Investigated disappearing people in the Omaha sprawl. Turned out to be an Ant Shaman.

- Stole a prototype vehicle from Aztechnology and delivered it to a Ford research facility.

- Stole a security box from the vault of a Mafia run casino in Seattle. (Tons of fun. Very Oceans 11-esque)

- Current Run. Caught up in an epic adventure pitting Rhonabwy against the Sea Dragon. We'll see how it ends.
- Intro run to steal a car from a high-class (i.e. above average security) residence and drop it off at a specific location (it ended up being a getaway car for another group of runners that were in chase by the authorities)

- The SR3 Missions Run where each runner is called to do light security at Freeway Park in the afternoon

- Another car boost, this time the car was in the Lone Star impound garage (this was actually a one-shot run with only half the group, added because of last minute schedule changes)

- Face integrated into prison population to contact a prisoner that was scheduled to be transferred. Rest of team planned an ambush (gotta love it when the group fills roadkill up with some frag grendaes!) en route to spring the face and the prisoner from the armored transport. Face ended up spending two days in prison and ended up in a yard fight.

- Break into a warehouse, wait for a delivery truck, take two packages of "drugs", but leave the rest. Bonus paid for zero casualties and avoid any hacking of the warehouse systems. Group bypassed the bonus, ended up killing the brother of the Johnson...he was not happy.

- One of the runners long-time friends was kidnapped. Basic breach building and rescue friend-type run.

- The SR4 Missions Run where the group goes up to the corporate ski resort to recover four crates.

- Team relocated to Seattle for good, long-time friend asked if they could deliver a "package" to "a friend" in the shipyards. Ended up being a magical ambush.

The next two runs I have planned are:

- Wetwork on a new love interest a runner just made. She's believe to be a mole, so three runners will have no problem killing her, and it will be interesting to see what the involved runner will do.

- Snatch and grab a clone double of a major corp CEO, then replace/kidnap the CEO and swap the clone, without anyone noticing.
edited: lost connection while posting so it was a chopped up double post. :(

sorry and please read below
Love the thread so far!! I have even cut some nifty ideas to use later on, kudos to the german players.

Now, my little contribution.

CAREFUL!! Many are adaptations of official modules, so, some spoilers ahead! The year is 2061

[ Spoiler ]

So far it has been a very exciting campaign with some character rotation. We are at the 19th run with an average of 2,5 sessions each run. The characters in the who are there since the beginning are at about 160-170 karma at an average of 4,5 karma per session. (karma still pending for last 5 sessions)

And of course, In 2007 I have been Gming another group (which I leave for another day)...


mattness pl
I'll post runs I still remember - various GMs across 96-2007
1. Kidnap famous adventure TV series host
2. Kill awakened Mole (don't ask. Please smile.gif )
3. Concept adventure for concept character - my SINner detective vs "Nick of Time" plot ( I didn't saw movie when we played)
4. Investigate attacks on orphanage
5. another concept character - low level gang campaign - from zero to hero (from street ganger to gang boss)

It looks like I was more GMing (I don't post it here) SR than played frown.gif
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