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Full Version: Need Clarification
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I haven't played Shadowrun for some time (since 2nd ed.) and I'm trying to find information in the 3rd ed. rulebook, but I can't seem to find it.

My question is where does it explain why mudanes can't use magical items? (ex: magic sword, ring, armor, etc.)

I did find where it explained why ranged items wouldn't work but that's not really answering my question. I'm trying to understand the magic system in SR but I may be thinking in DnD terms. Please help me out.

Also I'm reading from the FASA 9th corrected verion is this version still on top of things or should I buy the newer Fanpro version?

Well, firstly, you almost have my nickname. This could get ugly. ;p

Well, if the item is in the form of a Sustaining Focus/Spell Lock of some sort, they can have it and it'll work, they just can't do anything magical with it.

If you're talking about a Weapon Focus, well, because, they just can't. They don't have the magical ability it would take to use it.
First: try a more descriptive thread title next time.

As for why magical items don't work for mundanes, it's because the items themselves don't have innate magical power. They're only triggered in the presence of a magical aura, being directly wielded by someone with magical ability. It's entirely likely that the power for the items themselves comes from the user, though that's just a personal interpretation.
It's an aura thing.

Kanada Ten
Mundanes have no ability to invest foci with karma and thus bond with it.

Mundanes and mundane actions can trigger Anchoring foci, though this is slightly different. Anchoring is located in the Magic in the Shadows rulebook.

The book printing is fine as all updates are posted in the Errata, located on the Official Site.
Ah, that's right. Anchor something on a necklace, like a Bullet Barrier, then give it to a Mudane... My fault.
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I just want to say thanks for all your replies between all of them I feel a lot more comfortable understanding how magic items are handled.

As for the name I was recently shown a picture of myself using a Tonka truck to skateboard so when I had to pick a username that came to mind. wink.gif

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