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Full Version: Looking for Cheat Sheet...
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A while back I grabbed a cheat sheat from someone here and now I can't find it. It was a simple document that basically showed a list of all the skills, with their linked attribute and what skill group they were in.

It was only like a page or two and was very handy...does anyone have that or a link to it? I've only been able to find Aaron's cheat sheets, but I didn't get it from his site.
I use these.
I'm afraid you're not going to find a list like that on my Web site. It feels too much like copyright infringement for my taste, to merely copy data wholesale. Especially since that precise information is available in a product for sale, specifically the GM's screen.
I have the GM Screen, but I also have a printed copy of that list...its just I printed it from somewhere, and I don't have the actual document...I suppose I could take the 15 minutes to make one myself, but I thought that someone might remember or have made it...

No biggie...
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