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Full Version: WHere did it go?
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What happened to the spells Spirit Bolt / Spirit Ball?

These were great spells for a magical user to have as a means of protection from spirits.

I read about the barrier in SM that "zaps" spirits but that's a barrier I want my direct damage combat spells back.

Yes I know I can make them but I mainly play / run Missions which is all by the book so this is not a spell I can make as it is not in a book.

Is there going to be another book of magic sometime down the line or did people just forget how to cast these spells?

Speaking of missing spells yes it had drain of oh my god but hey it had it's uses I had a mage use it more than once and do ok with the drain everytime.

So while your at it bring back Hellblast come on you brought back turn to goo.

Anyone else have a spell they liked that has gone MIA with as of the new edtion?

Spirit Bolt and Slay Spirit are now rolled into the "One Less" series of spells in Street Magic. Esssentially the normal offensive spells with a restricted target. They have lower drain, but can actually be more useful. Slaughter - is fantastic as an area effect spell that you can drop where you're standing and not worry about it affecting you or your team mates. Dependent on being distinct from your opponents of course. Works well for an all-troll shadowrunning team. cool.gif

Hellblast... just cast Fireball with an increased Force. Because SR4 doesn't have the same damage codes system, that's effectively what it becomes. You could always use Napalm from Street Magic, instead, however.
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