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Full Version: Masking questions
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So I had a player pose a question to me on the Masking rules. According to the text one use of the masking is to raise or lower your magic rating and another is to make yourself look mundane. Now my thought into this is that you will only look mundane if you can lower (or mask) your magic rating to 0. But the wording makes it look like no matter what you can always make yourself look mundane.

Which way is it really?

Also if you are a Mystic Adept with masking can you choose to lower just one of your magic ratings (like you mage magic rating) and just appear as an adept? or are the aura's for a mystic adept, mage/shaman, and adept different?

thank you for your help.
You can certainly appear as an dept, magician or mystic adept with your Magic attribute adjusted by +/- grade OR you can appear as a mundane (regardless of Magic attribute).
You might want to do the former because you want to use some magical effects but don't want to seem like anything other than a mage working their way through thaumaturgy school and not raise alarm.
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