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I just watched the first episode and was thinking that that skin walker would be a pretty nasty monster for some runners to encounter. Can anyone think of anything similar to it from any sr.

I was thinking almost just a critter with some shapechange and magic powers. Any thoughts?
There is this thing called a protean, which is essentially like The Blob from the movie of the same name. It can shape itself into any form and engulfs and dissolves its victims. Other than that, I can't think of anything, though any powerful magical threat could be able to do it. Essentially, the Skinwalker can be emulated with Shape Flesh and Physical Mask. A vampire or vampire variant could do it as could a magically active ghoul or a sadistic Sasquatch, for that matter..
Don't forget to read the books if you have the chance, there's some interesting stuff in there, like the werewolves.
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There's a ton of good stuff you can pull from The Dresden Files for a Shadowrun game.

[ Spoiler ]

There's also a lot of cool stuff to give you ideas as well, plus it's a damn good series of novels (and a half decent TV series with a lot of potential it hasn't quite realized yet).

Oh, and the novel mentioned above is the second in the series, Fool Moon. The novels are by Jim Butcher if you're interested, and they're widely available in bookstores and some libraries. It's one of the few book series I can think of that's gotten BETTER with each successive novel and much of what I like about the metafiction plot of Shadowrun rears its head in The Dresden Files (though without megacorps and cyberware since it's set in present day Chicago)

The Abstruse One
I've read them all except for this latest one, waiting for the softback version to come out. Yeah, it's a great novel series, I love how everything builds up on each other in terms of metaplot.
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