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Full Version: Policlub?
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Street Wyze
What exactly is a policlub? I know that Humanis is a policlub, but is it any more than a international group of morons who hate metas? Also, what other kinds of policlubs are there? Is there one for meta humans who hate normies?
Um, the "Young Republicans" are a policlub.

The "Hitler Youth" was a policlub.

Basically, it's a club or organization that has some political aspect or theme associated to it, be it a cause or organization or something similar.


Although they are referred to as a policlub, the dwarven marching clubs don't have any obvious political purpose other than as an activity that gathers dwarves together and gives them a sense of belonging. Plus, it's good exercise.
Keep in mind, though, that not all policlubs are "bad" or filled with morons (unless one label anyone who espouses a given group's political views a moron). Neighborhood/city environmental groups can be policlubs, as can (meta)human rights organizations, etc.
I'd describe any organization/semi-organized collection of people, that isn't (openly) a branch of a government or a corporation, as being a policlub; Thus including stuff like guerillas, marching clubs and street gangs.
But I've never cared much for the word anyway. smile.gif
Morphling The Pretender
QUOTE (Street Wyze)
... a international group of morons who hate metas?

A policlubber is someone who does something that good people like you or I would never do: Make broad & unfair generalizations.

</irony> wink.gif
Herald of Verjigorm
The "Dwarves who hate Human Air Elementals Policlub" is very specific about their generalizations.
A policlub doesn't have to be activists, but they are people brought together by a particular belief that is not openly held by the large number of the polpulation. A collection of people who want to clean up parks covered by little could be a policlub. A labor union could be a policlub. What gives them a bad name are the extremists like Humanis. Not all members have to be violent or asses but their membership in the organization indirectly supports violent activities of the extremists.

some groups are not openly supporting violence but wackos with their own agenda can claim to be acting for the "true" values of the group, like the NRA(gun ownership) and Green Peace (environmental protection.)

In real life good examples of policlubs which encourage violence(for the defense of the greater good) are the Ku Klux Klan(white power), Operation Rescue (violentlyantiabortion), ELF (Earth Liberation Front), New Black Panthers(seperate blacks from corrupting whites), Arayan Nation (neonazi's). and what ever the hell the group around Louis Farrakan is.
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