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Full Version: Some Questions
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I had some questions that aren't covered in the FAQ:

When an Adept uses the power Elemental Strike with an element that has an effect based on the Force of the spell (i.e. Blast and Water with their bonus to knockdown), how does the Adept determine the Force rating? Do they just determine it as Magic = Force?

When combining Elemental Strike (Sound) with Killing Hands, what happens? Does it just do physical damage that ignores armor? Can they be combined?

On the FAQ page, it's mentioned that a technomancer's System, Response, and Complex Forms don't interfere with each other like they would for a commlink. Does this mean a technomancer can raise the ratings of their Complex Forms above their System (Logic + levels gained from Submersion) and use them at the highest levels, unlike a commlink? For example, say a technomancer has Response 3, System 4, and Resonance 5, can they have complex forms at rating 6? If not, what attribute determines the max level of their non-threaded complex forms?

Is the Command (misc) Program/Complex Form needed to wire information from security cameras to the AR displays of fellow runners (like done in the opening story of SR4 core) or can it done via another Program/Complex Form?

When a character upgrades their cyberware/bioware (like say from alphaware to betaware), how does this affect their Essence? If lost essence can never be restored, like it says on page 61 of SR4, then what is the benefit of upgrading your ware?

Is there a max grade of Initiation/Submersion that a Magic Type/Technomancer can reach, or a required time period between achieveing different grades? If not, then what happens when they achieve insanely high levels of Magic/Resonance (say above 14 or 15)? What would be the signal range on a technomancer with a Signal of 10 or higher (Resonance 19+) or of a heavily upgraded commlink be?

I know that magic normally ignores armor ratings due to channeling the mana through the target and then causing the effect there, however, there were two instances that made me pause and wonder: troll natural armor, and the Mystic Armor power of Adepts. Does either of these protect against magic damage?
I put this under the wrong forum, should be in SR4, can't delete it, so I just copy/pasted there. If a mod could delete this one, that would be great.
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