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Hello again! Not to SPAM the forum, but I was interested in, for my second mission, having the players go to Tir Tairngire in order to disrupt the opening of a four star luxury restaurant in Portland. Problem is, I don't know how to interpret this new democratic Tir Tairngire. I've read through the SR3 supplement on the nation, but how congruous is that with the current setting?
Kyoto Kid
...I've been wondering the same. I have seen very little on the TT since the crash (& the worse part I live there in RL). As I understand it after several of the major council figures jumped ship elections were held and I believe Larry Zincan (the token Orc council member during the bad old days) was elected to lead the "new democracy".

Unfortunately in all the upcoming fluff releases, there appears to be little that I can see that will flesh out the TT any more.

I would just make things up as you go for now based off of what you read in Shadows of North America. I think there is also a little bit of info about the TT in System Failure, but mostly relating to the crash itself.

BTW love your handle. Awfully fun game.
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Hoi Chummer! Welcome to our little corner of the matrix. For the democratic Portland, may I humbly suggest this link The Shadowrun Supplemental Original Issue #9 (In PDF no less) look for the part marked the Land of Magic. All TT, all the time. You will have to convert it to SR4 though.
Well personally until it comes out otherwise I think I'd run TT's new government as window dressing only, with the dirty little secret being that the very same IEs are still in charge behind the scenes.
All right, I'll go point by point as to what I know.

1) TT's borders are open. That means that getting into it legally is no harder than getting into any other moderately paranoid and civil-war stricken nation in the world, which is a lot of it. If you have some solid fake SINs, it wouldn't be too hard to get into the nation on a valid visa.
2) If you want to get into it illegally, the Portland harbor is your best bet. Smuggling goes on all the time there, and your fixers should be able to rig up some kind of connection. Overland is easier than it used to be, as well, since a lot of the border patrol has been turned to internal policing in the wake of revolutionaries and terrorism.
3) They've loosened up a lot on the elves-only crap that was their strong point back in the day. From what I know, it's still really hard to get citizenship (or to some extent, residency) if you're not an elf. You'll still get stared at. But it's not like humans or other metas are unheard of, given the new corporate inroads into TT.
4) All new entries have to be processed in Portland. You need a separate visa to go elsewhere. Not that hard to get, but a bit of a hassle.
5) The same old crew is probably still pulling the strings, but they're doing it with a more open and democratic bent. Nothing gets the plebes off your back like the illusion of determining their own national destiny.
"Meet the new boss, same as teh old boss."

Here, we've got the place redone along the previous lines, with an elected High Prince, a Lower House (The Star Chamber) and an Upper House (The Council of Princes), with no small degree of actual power sharing. Most of the old princes are Right Out, including Hestaby (gasp!), with only one Immortal (Sean Laverty) remaining.

The gist is that, out of teh rebelling forces. the group that won out was the one that was pretty happy with the country but was furious over the economic devastation from the embargo period and, furthermore, was frozen without Trials of Ascension. They LIKED the society that was there, just wanted it working again. They made some serious concessions to the other groups (For example, teh Star Chamber getting actual political power), but, overall, nothing TOO huge.

Also, the current trend is to wear one's hair short, as a sign of "The New Tir", while wearing it long is a sign of supporting the Old Regieme.

As for teh humans, Orks, and other non-Elves?

Well, they didn't really get jack.
QUOTE (Ravor)
Well personally until it comes out otherwise I think I'd run TT's new government as window dressing only, with the dirty little secret being that the very same IEs are still in charge behind the scenes.

I totally agree. The IE's didn't go through all the work they did to hand the Tir over on a silver platter the second a little unrest develops.

The new leader is an Ork, one of the metatypes previously treated like drek. If this 'experiment' works, great. The IEs are still in charge behind the scenes, the old Princes still own the good chunks of land and have stock in all the major corporations (which had to open Tir run and operated subsidiaries to even get their foot in the door) that keep the Tir functioning.

If the experiment fails, they roll new leadership in, but expect it to be elves again. I'm sure with this next phase of their plan the old Princes are content to have policy made via dictation to the new puppet government than do it themselves and get blamed for it.

We do need a better update on the world in general beyond Runner Havens.
Especially for stuff that happened 5+ years ago, game-time.
I think that it's kinda strange though that they chose their new puppet to be Larry Zincan, who, according to SoNA, wasn't just another yes-man. Didn't he get sent away to handle some "diplomatic affairs" because he actually had the balls to say what he wanted and not just be a lapdog of the elves? And since over 80% of the population are still elves, wouldn't it be more logical that the new puppet of the IE's would be an elf?

Well, I hope we'll find out someday. But as others already pointed out, the IE's would never really give up on their empire, never. Too much effort and resources spent.
Unless it's a move on the dev-team's part to try and undo the elf fanboyism of previous editions. One way to move away from all the ED/SR links and the gripes that came with them would be to run all the IE's out of town and take away their toys and whatnot.


Personally, I think the whole TT situation is lame (precisely BECAUSE of the canon IE mat'l previously), and the way it's all being retconned is the worst of all. We didn't hear about Rinelle 'till after they'd been around for ages, then we didn't hear about the shakeup in the Tir except for that little "oh, by the way, they get hired to protect Surehand from his own Ghosts, hah hah!" box in another book, and now it's five years later in-game and we still don't have much concrete stuff to work with.

Considering the popularity of the Tir, and it's proximity to Seattle (which add up to it being pretty important in quite a few games), you'd think they'd be just a smidgen more forthcoming with information (and stop telling us stuff this long after the fact).
Well, we'll probably get a rundown on the Tirs in the SoLA book.




Don't hurt me!
Kyoto Kid
...hah! Maybe I can finally dust off my old Portland Guidebook (which i wrote up way before the TT sourcebook came out). A little tweak to fit the new rules here & there & it should work just fine.
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