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Full Version: Unwired- Resoliciting submissions?
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For anyone who hasn't noticed, there is a note in the weekly update that they will be resoliciting submissions for Unwired.

It could be that they simply thought the matrix rules were easily understood and hadn't planned for enough pages on rules clarifications. Seems like that could be handled by judicious use of the editor pen and consulting with the original authors.

My not-so-crazy suspicion is that everyone here has so thoroughly groused over the Matrix rules that they are considering significantly rewriting the rules.

So all you matrix addicts might want to decide if you have the writing chops and flame-proof undergarments to get involved in Unwired.
Ancient History
Or possibility number three: robotmonkey chickenbutt.
No conspiracy -- submissions were solicited for Unwired quite awhile ago, and it's SOP to ask for new/updated proposals after such a delay.

Guidelines for proposals are here:
What Adam said.

We solicited and recieved a number of submissions from regular freelancers and first-timers quite a while back and it makes all the sense to ask for updated proposals after such a delay.

Mentioning it on the website was intentional since we're always looking for new blood. In this case the note was a response to all the inquiries we've fielded from would-be writers asking us to if there was some way of knowing when specific books would be open for submissions.
a nice cover story, but i know the truth: it's obvious that the last batch of submissions were sent back in time to prevent the assassination of JFK--but they actually ended up causing it, due to the fact that they'd been secretly injected with drugs by CIA-issue ice guns that had been sold to the Castro-Hitler Alliance as part of Oliver North's secret war on global Zoroastrianism.

(i so better get credit when that plotline shows up in Shadows of Africa.)
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