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Full Version: Adventure module help needed
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Talia Invierno
Does anyone know of a good pregen adventure, large or small, which begins with the PCs waking up (wherever) after unconsciousness?
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Super Tuesday.

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Talia Invierno
Regretfully, it can't be one of the oldies.
Wounded Ronin
Hmm. Why not just make it happen at a gay bar (steal a floor plan from the internet) and stuff said bar with the pregened archetypes? Fast and easy.
Talia Invierno
groan alien.gif
QUOTE (Talia Invierno)
Regretfully, it can't be one of the oldies.

Are you talking SR4? If so, you might try posting (or moving this) to that forum. I never thought of Brainscan as one of the oldies.
Wounded Ronin
OK, I have an idea for this that I'll flesh out in another thread a short while later.
Talia Invierno
I really didn't care about format -- transcribed more adventures across genres than I really care to think about. By the time I'm done, I usually have an eclectic plot/tone mesh of Shadowrun (core framework and tone), CoC, WoD, SW RPG, and even a few odd notes from classic AD&D. By asking it here, I thought it likely to get a wider range of answers, especially from those who have played or run on-line modules. I'm not as familiar with those archives as I would like.

For what it's worth, way back when while I had both reliable connection and time, my group sat down together and pulled out a few elements of SR4 we liked, and adapted those -- only -- into the SR3 rules. Had to learn pure SR4 for different reasons, but off-line we're (almost) SR3 purists. For one thing, I really don't care for what EG did to tactical choices such as the combat pool.
I never thought of Brainscan as one of the oldies.

*laugh* Just wait until you start hearing your favourite music among the golden oldies!
Just put them in the Tir. It always sucks to wake up in the Tir. You pretty much can't go wrong.

Although I did have one of my player's character wake up on a beach in Ibiza handcuffed to an good looking Ork chick who only spoke what he thought was French after a night of heavy drinking.
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