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Full Version: Lucky Edge
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This has come up recently, and it's a source of vexation.

I have always been under the impression that "Lucky!" was just "Exceptional Attribute" applied to Edge; IE: you can buy Edge up to the maximum with build points at character generation.

IE: For a Human, you could get Edge 8 for 115 BP:

70 for Edge 1-7, at one point apiece
25 for Edge 8, being the new racial maximum
20 points for the Lucky! Posiquality.

However, someone has challenged my character, fixating on the line that says "note that this does not actually increase the character's Edge, it just allows him to do so; the Karma cost for improvement must still be paid" as meaning to say that you cannot buy Point 8 at chargen.
*shrugs* By the letter of the Quality, your GM's right. Plus, well, he's your GM. Guess you'll just have to somehow make due with a 7. Check through the errata or something, if it really matters that much, and see if they reworded it anywhere (though be warned that such nitpickery to contest a GM's call might not be taken well).
Hmm, although I've also always run 'Lucky' as just being the 'Exceptional Attribute" for Edge from reading the Quality I have to say that by the letter of RAW whoever made the challenge does seem to be correct.


Although ShadowDragon8685 I thought that you were supposed to be the DM, so in the end I guess it's your call.
FYI: It only costs 95 BP for 8 Edge for a human.
Lucky = 20 BP
Edge 1 = free
Edge 2-6 = 50 BP
Edge 7 = 25 BP
Edge 8 = free (for human)
Total = 95 BP
If their the GM in this game and this is some houserule there is no problem. Now if their trying to quote you RAW then they have a strange way of reading between the lines. The book states several times you can raise any one attribute to its max in chracter creation and even gives you the bp cost for doing so. Its rather obvious the word "Karma" was just accidently used instead of build points.
Buster: Right, right. Humans pay 10 for Edge 3-7, and 25 for edge 8.

And I think it's clear that the rules mean for you to buy it, since it specifically increases the racial maximum, and there are, as has been said, rules for raising to the racial maximum.

And this is for a game I joined as a player, being run on a "persistant world" crap with three oligarchial admins who are busy power-tripping.
Lucky is indeed just Exceptional Attribute for Edge. EA only applies to physical and mental attributes and Edge is a Special Attribute.

The fact that purchasing the quality doesn't give you an Edge of 8 in no way interferes with you purchasing yourself an Edge of 8 with BP.

We have always played that it is like Exceptional Attribute for Edge. Since raising your attribute max ONLY affects you at chargen its pointless as your GM interprets it.
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