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Full Version: 2070; the Big Ten
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We know the top seven, as of 2064-ish, but how well did each come out of things and where do the new kids fall?

1. Saeder-Krupp

2. Aztechnology

3. Shiawase

4. Mitsuhama Computer Technologies

5. Renraku Computer Systems

6. Evo

7. Ares Macrotechnology

8-10. Wuxing, Neonet, Horizon, in an unknown order.

Neonet in particular, I'd have imagined being far higher up the ladder, running the Wireles World for at the least, North America. A bit surprised to see Renraku so high, after the Arcology, and Ares so low overall.

But, things change!

Wonder how it lines up now and, more importantly, why the pieces fall that way?

Le Ouch.
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We just don't know the rankings yet, post-2070. NeoNET, while controlling a large share of the wireless Matrix market (but not the only player), is still primarily focused on that field and isn't as diversified as many of the other Big Ten. They are also very focused on the Americas and Europe, with less of a presence in Asia; this was mentioned in the Hong Kong section of Runner Havens.

Renraku, while hit hard by the Arcology incident, actually benefited from the second Crash. Renraku's paranoid data storage techniques, put in place because of Deus, actually enabled much of the data they stored to survive the Crash. During the rebuilding afterwards, Renraku became the premiere go-to corp for data storage and processing. Not to mention the influence possessing some of that data grants them (for instance, they now control the sole copy of the marketing records that were stored in the Market Research Group, also mentioned in Runner Havens).
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Been rereading alot of past plot stuff and could swear maybe in system shock a mention of NeoNet being in top 3?
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