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Full Version: Latin terms?
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I need help with the latin terms for the metahuman races. Carn't seem to find them in my books...
Really looking for Dwaves and orks but a complete set for a sense of completeness would be nice.
SR2, core rulebook. Not at my fingertips.
Ummm, IIRC:
Humans are Homo Sapiens sapiens
Elves are H. Sapiens nobilis
Dwarves are H. Sapiens pumilionus
Orks are H. Sapiens robustus
Trolls are H. Sapiens ingentis

edited to correct spellings
They were also added again to the SR4 BBB in the metahumanity section as part of the description of each metatype.
Omar the Falcon
They are in SR3, just not where you would go looking for them.
where are they in 4? i skimmed over the race desc's, and didnt see them... and in 3 they werent with the races either....
Omar the Falcon
SR3 - p40
and nevermind i found them in 4 as well, amazingly, right under the common names, doh!
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