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Full Version: Illusion Spells, Assensing, and Masking
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If I'm reading the rules correctly, assensing can be used to detect illusions, but masking metamagic can be used to hide auras from assensing.

So, could an initiate use the Mask (or Physical Mask) spell to alter her appearance, and then use Masking metamagic to keep astrally perceptive characters from seeing through the illusion?


Rotbart van Dainig
You are looking for Extended Masking.
RVD is right, without Extended Masking (from Street Magic), the astral perceiver can still see the illusion spell even if they think the person's aura is mundane. Therefore you need Extended Masking to hide the illusion spell too. However the astral perceiver still might be able to see through the illusion (and the Extended Masking) with a high enough assensing roll.
Ah, okay. I haven't read Street Magic yet. Thanks.
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