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Full Version: Vehicle Cargo Capacity
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Hello all!

I was wondering if there was any other source I could get the various capacities, or at least the masses, of the vehicles in the Core rules book?

My whole group's new to SR, started out with SR4, and my Mage (part pilot, part face, part gunslinger) has a history of shipping undeclared cargo. Guns-Rum-Drugs Runner, whatever sells. He's occassionally a mercenary too, the setting is the Pacific Rim near and in the Philippines though we're fudging with the timeline a bit and going back to 2062 during the Rebellion era against the Imperial Japanese.

In fact, he only knows Stunball as a combat spell. The rest focus on keeping him and his booty unseen or healing himself from his latest (failed) endeavour.

Should be hella fun, especially since he has Bad Luck and is also Cursed... He goes by 'Malas'.

But it leaves me wondering just how much stuff I can carry around. It's up to the GM's discretion of course, but it'd be nice to know these things for my own nefarious ends. Do the 3rd Edition books give anything solid on this?

Specifically, the GMC Everglades hovercraft as he'd be whooping about in one. It's mentioned as being convertable to a cargo craft and that's gotta be enticing.
3rd edition covered it in detail in Rigger 3.

The everglade isn't in the book. But from the specs I'm thinking it would be a big maxed cargo holding medium hovercraft.
Which would give it a total of 30 cubic meters of space. Most of that should be just open room that is either dedicated to regular cargo or passengers and a small amount of it is in nooks and crannies of the vehicles frame that aren't packed to the gills.

So maybe figure it's got a main body section that, when cleaned out is 2.3 meters high, 3 meters wide and 4 meters long. Then have 2.4 cubic meters of space tucked away here and there. Like between the floor and the fanblades and in the engine compartment.

Awesome, thank you very much!

I'm gonna poke around and see if I can buy a used copy of this book.
Talia Invierno
Yes, it is an awesome book for exactly that kind of thing.

I keep hearing rumours that the design section was completely gutted in favour solely of customisation for SR4 though -- accurate?

(That a certain infamous Blimp of Doom had to be design rather than customisation was a deliberate clue I'd thrown at my SR3 players. Need to know how I'll have to shift this, for an SR4 translation.)
Apparently the medium hovercraft also lists the GMC Everglades as a competitor, so I'm looking at 1000 kg of cargo apparently.

More than enough for gun runs and such!

Are they working on a book like that, say a Rigger 4?
from what i understand, arsenal will have a vehicle section. but they have dropped the design rules (good riddance imo as behing able to build a supersonic van is just silly) iirc.

still, if the customization section have enough options, and the vehicle section enough variants (or at least base templates), one do not really need a design section.
Kyoto Kid
...well yes and no.

Like Raygun has done with firearms, I have done with vehicles (SR3 based). Without some form of framework to start from a lot would be left to arbitrary guesses. To tell the truth, I made extensive use of the vehicle Design rules and have a fairly large number of different cars, trucks, planes, ships, and even an orbital spaceplane. These would not have been able to be developed using the customisation rules alone.

Some examples are from well known names (albeit 50-60 years hence from RL) like Bugatti, Mini Cooper, Panavia, and British Aerospace stated out, while others are totally unique \such as the Olympus Hi-Lift - a very short takeoff/landing cargo jet that uses a unique active wing lift system (this was actually experimented with in the 1970s-80s by the likes of Boeing, and the Soviet Antonov Design Bureau - I have actually seen both prototypes perform flight demonstrations).

There still needs to be at least some basic parameters for chassis, & power plant type, as well as a means to determine cost/availability for a finished product, which maybe with a more detailed cutomisation system could work.
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