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Full Version: Looking for Campaign Ideas
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So I'm working towards kicking off a new campaign for SR4. I'm going to have 1, possibly 2 players, via MSN or something like that.

Setting is going to be in Honk Kong. I'm looking for something fairly low-level, with a good deal of magic involved. Campaign will not be high on violence, more like subtle B&E and investigating, though shootouts will eventually happen. I plan on taking a Faction approach, meaning the player(s) interact with clear cut factions, each offering different perspective on the same global plotline.

Early ideas include messing around with the Kowloon Walled City "Yama Kings", or possibly something involving investigating Red Orchid and it's secrets.

On a side note, if anyone can recommend some sort of (free) online gaming tool more appropriate than MSN, including SR4 dice rollers and such, I'd appreciate that a lot too.
Open RPG is just what you are looking for. I'm fairly sure they have SR4 built in.

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