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I'm starting a new campaign for SR4 the feel I'm going for is a Blade Runner type of thing, the idea is to put the players as new or fairly new runners and as so they get very fragged up jobs and this is one of them.

The players get contacted by their fixer who sets them up to do a bodyguard job to a Mrs. Johnson who wants muscle for hire to watch over the whole buy, she needs 2 grunts, a hacker to check the matrix security and make this as invisible as possible and a mage to check for possible magical grunts and stuff like that. They buy goes as planned at first but then Knight Errand comes in and kills the buyer and the seller and after they get out of that their faces are put in the matrix and as such are beeing searched by the police and bounty hunters their contact who put them for the buy is killed and now have to find a way to clear their names or simply disapear.

The idea is that Ares macrotechnology is trying to trap as much ilegal operations that have to do with their company to win the Police contract that is beeing negociated, this mean they are inventing much of the charges and the jobs just to catch and arrest them. So they are in deap drek and have to find a way out, also the father of the buyer gets a group of runners to kill the murderers of his daughter (according to the police they killed everyone and got away with the weapons adn cyberware that was beeing sold) so they are beeing hunted by the runners who want the bounty, the runners hired by the father, Lone Star and Knight Errand.

So any comments about the adventure any ideas. Sorry for the english... I'm tryred and don't want to check for mistakes.
I like it! The idea of a corp making runs just to hose them with their security forces to win contracts is a great idea. I'm surprised I haven't heard of it before it seems so simple.

It would be a good idea to keep the players hanging by throwing them a few real runs. Eventually they will figure out all their Ares runs are going down the drain and then they can investigate why. Possibly they will then get to stage some scenes for Lone Star or another corp also going for the contract.

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