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James McMurray
Anyone have any cheat sheets for combat modifiers, hacking tasks, and similar things that get looked up frequently enough that having them on a single printed sheet would help immensely?
If nobody's got them, I can add them to my TODO list. Although I seem to recall some folks complaining about something like that being hard to use or read or something, so there might be one floating around out there somewhere.
Aaron has some cool ones available.

Speaking of him he posted before me already just check out his site. Quick question for ya Aaron can you do a binding cheat sheet??
James McMurray
Thanks for the stuff Aaron! I'll definitely be using the cybercombat and matrix ones, plus the hacker cards. I forwarded the link to my group, so will probably see some more when I get to the table.

And thanks for the heads up Casazil, I didn't even notice his sig. smile.gif
Kyoto Kid could also try this...

Veggiesama's Big Bag of SR4 Aides
James McMurray
Thanks! Those look pretty cool, but are too colorful for me to print well.
Kyoto Kid
...I think he said was going to do some B & W versions. Then again, I usually GM from my notebook PC so the printing quality is not so much an issue.
James McMurray
We've got a desktop that the GM usually sits at, and one guy brings his laptop. Unfortunately my laptop bit the dust so I have to rely on paper.

I'm pretty sure I have the Gremlins flaw that only applies to laptops. If I ever ask to borrow yours, tell me no.
Kyoto Kid
...OK especially since I finally broke down & bought a new one.

My last one (fortunately I got it used) decided it really wasn't partial to the 2004 Fume' Blanc I had at the time. Didn't seem mind the 2002 Moscato it ingested several months beforehand. Got a little giddy for a while but worked fine again after it sobered up.

...Wine Snobs, I tell you... grinbig.gif
James McMurray
I got great use out of Aaron's hacker cards, and would heartily recommend them to anyone with a Hacker or Technomancer! Thanks again!
I too am using Aaron's hacker cards. I also have my players use them.

We laminated them (bought the card sleeves and the supply store allowed us to use their machine to heat seal them) to avoid the spilled drink problem.
James McMurray
We shoot anyone who spills a drink on a paper gaming supply in the backyard and feed them to the dogs. It isn't as reliable as spill-proofing your stuff, but it's a lot more fun. smile.gif
QUOTE (Kyoto Kid)
...I think he said was going to do some B & W versions. Then again, I usually GM from my notebook PC so the printing quality is not so much an issue.

Thanks for linking to my post. I'm glad it's useful. But as for B&W versions of the PDF, I don't plan on doing any myself, but if anyone wants the source spreadsheet file (openoffice format) to do it themselves, I'll gladly provide and link to it at my topic.
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