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I'm proposing this in our upcoming campaign. Still up for edits before I submit the final draft it to my GM, I'd appreciate any feedback you guys may have.

Yes, I have a bad sense of humour.

The Hidden Dragon Tradition

Concept: Obfuscation, persuasion, and control are a Hidden Dragon's goals.

Combat: Fire (A symbol of knowledge and its power when applied properly.)
Detection: Earth (All life comes lives upon it, even those that soar.)
Health: Water (Common, precious, and deceptively powerful.)
Illusion: Air (It permeates the world, unseen but not unfelt.)
Manipulation: Man (The most versatile pawns.)
Drain: Willpower + Charisma (Seek to control yourself and through it, others.)

Not a unified branch of magical practice, the Hidden Dragon Tradition refers to the adoption of a method of operation commonly attributed to living dragons--that of a puppetmaster. Though one would typically assume this would be a combat-centric tradition focusing on ambushes with various fire or toxic breathing specialties and flight capabilities those that follow the Hidden Dragon are set on a much subtler path.

Most common practicioners are in fact quite capable in battle though they choose not to be in the magical application of force. Guided by spiritual manifestations many specialize themselves into a particular fighting form; some are excellent vehicle gunners, martial artists, and marksmen but almost as a rule any flagrant magical displays are frowned upon. However, there are those that break with tradition and have chosen a fiery addition to their repertoire. They are considered unseemly for those that thrive unseen.


The Hidden Dragon manifests itself in many ways though these spirits share a common goal.

Silk Dragon
Not necessarily avaricious, the Silk Dragon is noted for its shrewdness and single-minded defensiveness; after all, something as precious as silk must be protected. Hidden Dragons are rare and widespread enough that Silk Dragon spirits can be found mentoring all walks of life; from the crafty corporate executives to street youths ekeing out a living as thugs. The Silk Dragon knows the deal.

Advantages: +2 Manipulation, +2 Etiquette or +2 Negotiation (Choose one)
Disadvantages: Silk Dragon counsel their wards to be sensitive to threats. The desperation of a hard-won life, as the creation of silk requires tremendous effort, patience and skill, makes them quite proactively defensive. Characters that are threatened, insulted, or humiliated in a social setting must make a Willpower + Logic (4) test to ignore the slights. Immediate violence is usually not an option, but long-burning grudges and vendettas are--such characters plot the downfall of those that irk them quite obsessively. It is important to note that the more volatile characters often carry hidden pistols that fire merciless flechettes or highly explosive rounds for immediate reprisal if the threat (and only the threat) was grave enough.

Thorn Dragon
Hidden in plain sight, thorns are found in all manner of plants and flowers. Even the prettiest of roses can harm if the thorns are sharp enough. These spirits personify the will of the Hidden Dragon to remain hidden but is infused with the pride to still be visible. Deception is key for a Thorn Dragon, and they revel at lulling those around them to familiarity before flexing their wishes. 'Prickly' doesn't even approach the personality of these Dragons.

Advantages: +2 Illusion, +2 Con
Disadvantages: A primadonna at the core, underneath the cool calcuating need to be unseen, the character must restrain herself from "showing off" and being the centre of attention with a Willpower + Logic (3) test. This makes her delicate to be around in situations where she may feel slighted by not being offered by what she feels is her entitled right; be it a larger cut, personal thanks for her obviously greater role, to even the proper amount of fear and dread from those she considers beneath her. She may even be insulted that she is not being shot at (and therefore not a threat).

Smoke Dragon
A master of distraction and surprise Smoke Dragons are tricksters and malevolent trappers in one. With a seaborn fog, a sudden tropical squall, or a wrong turn, a Smoke Dragon doesn't wait for opportune moments; he creates them. Self-assured and sly, he has a tendency to try and hide behind his magical conflagrations instead of seeking less obvious means. In combat he has a tendency to seek the better part of valour. Usually he remembers his ‘friends’.

Advantages: +2 Illusion, +1 Con, +1 Air Spirits (Binding Air Spirits 75% cost)
Disadvantages: Manifesting the element of air, the Smoke Dragon can be subtle but often is not. Though always careful to dissipate astral signatures his ploys and plots often leave his 'fingerprints' glowing for all to see. Treat the character as if he has Astral Beacon to all his Illusion Spells and Air Spirits; removing astral signatures takes twice as long. “Airhead? is a typical accusation against Smoke Dragons, and that air usually has questionable chemical content.

Ghost Dragon
Favouring those that are naturally sneaky and markedly self-preserving (even moreso when compared to other Hidden Dragons), the Ghost Dragon is an apparition that constantly seeks to warn of danger and conceal his ward. Warning forever of the death that may come, a supernatural wariness begins to seep into the ward’s psyche.

Advantages: +1 to Detection, +1 Illusion, +2 to Perception tests
Disadvantages: "Twitchy" - Surprise attacks are real surprises and the Ghost Dragon freaks out. The character may choose to immediately try casting Invisibility to hide himself or seek cover if the spell is already running. Obsessively cautious when it comes to leaving magical trails or evidence, the character seeks to limit his "forensic footprint" by constantly brushing off dead skin, trimming hair, and prefers full body coverage even if impractical. Must make a Willpower + Logic (3) test to prevent the erasure of his astral signatures even when something more urgent requires his attention; an Air Spirit is summoned at all times for "clean up" duties. Also unduly pessimistic.
James McMurray
The Silk Dragon's negative seems too easy to get around.

The Ghost Dragon has too many bonuses.

Other than that I like it.

Well I was thinking that "proactively defensive" meant that they'd seek out and neutralize probable threats. For example, dumbass sammy doesn't understand the dangers of friendly fire, so a Silk Dragon would calmly take time out and hopefully cure him of such oversight.

If not, well he's not going to get offed by a replaceable wared sam, especially one My mage would have a few Watcher spirits mess around with his gear while he's practicing... and start looking for more muscle.

Also, this would extend to his ventures. Say there was a hot new mage on the scene or a new face securing the better contracts. Oh he wouldn't smile about those things. He'd try to compete, if nothing but pride compels him to, but he'll eliminate competition too.

I was intending it to be a "loose sniper rifle" as it were.

Should I add some test rolls for that?

Isn't that a bit too obsessive or do you just consider that sound planning? biggrin.gif

Any suggestions? I don't know what to trim out of Ghost Dragon. Maybe reduce it to +1 Detection, +2 Invis/Phantasm, +2 Perception?
QUOTE (Marwynn)
Any suggestions? I don't know what to trim out of Ghost Dragon. Maybe reduce it to +1 Detection, +2 Invis/Phantasm, +2 Perception?

Ditch the Detection Spell boni, and make the +2 bonus to Invis/Phantasm a generic +2 illusion spell. Perception +2 might be alright. It is a good idea to keep it simple and not too specific.
James McMurray
As described, that silk dragon disadvantage is much better. I just didn't pick that up from the original version. As long as it's just for your group and the GM doesn't mind, leaving out the rolls is probably ok. If it's for more widespread use some sort of roll might be needed, but I'm damned if I know what it is.

+1, +2, +2 is probably good for the Ghost. The original version's biggest problem to me was the -2 to others' dice pools. It comes very close to mimicking a +2 to your own pool (bumping the total bonus to +4) but also has the benefit of helping get around the max hits limit from Force.

For example, someone with +4 is limited to 3 hit on a force 3 spell. Someone with +2/-2 is also limited to 3 hits, but they've effectively gained +0.66 hits above that by lowering their opponent's pool.
A hybridized change from your suggestions: +1 Detection, +1 Illusion, +2 Perception, eliminating the sense.

Much more comparable to the others right?

I tried giving each their own flavour and wanted to keep the Ghost particularly wary. Good point about the -2 there, didn't think that through.
James McMurray
That looks good, and stays closer to the +4 worth of bonuses that mentors typically give.
Kyoto Kid
...if he were not so predominantly spell/spirit focused, the description of Smoke Dragon would make him a fitting Mentor for KK (the character).

Maybe for adepts you'd get a "Distinctive Style" quality (worth no points) as disadvantage in place of the astral beacon & +1 to Infiltration/Shadowing (choose one) as an advantage to replace the spell and spirit advantages.

Just a thought...
Am I a bad person to immediately think of making a Crouching Tiger tradition?


Kyoto Kid
...I thought about that one too, but decided not to push my luck...
QUOTE (KarmaInferno)
Am I a bad person to immediately think of making a Crouching Tiger tradition?



If that's bad I don't wanna be good. wink.gif

Do you guys think this is plausible?
Talia Invierno
Oh dear. I think I'm already playing this. I'm certainly going to have to link this one to my on-board GM. Take away the film aspect requiring any slights to honour to be avenged (ie. the sense of humour!), and it's almost exact.
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