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Full Version: smartlinks and bows
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My troll Archer player wants a smartlink on his bow, can I allow it? I don't know where it would be put though...
Sounds like a reasonable idea to me - if a smartlink can fit into a pistol, there shouldn't be any reason it can't fit onto a bow..
..Professional bows are usually fitted out with stuff anyway.

Check out the bow used by the girl in Blade III.

Just my thruppence..
Panda Bear
I had a topic about this awhile ago. Apparently there is a page that describes bows being made with the smartgun system. I would suggest having it be an internal system, however. External would be a little strange on the bow.
You can get laser sights for bows right now. I don't see why you couldn't get a smartlink system in the future.
older versions had the option to add a single mount point to a bow, allowing the attachment of a laser sight or smartlink iirc.
I can see no reason (rules or flavor-wise) why a Smartlink could not be installed internally.
Smartlinks are allowed on bows, check the sidebar its either in the smartlink section or the archery section I do not have a book on me right now.
...what makes you say an external system on a bow would be weird? That's how you do it, on bows. There are plenty of gadgets and widgets and add-ons that are added to bows today. There are stabilizers, level displays, laser sights, scopes, you name it, that all just bolt/screw onto the side (basically).

How exactly do you suggest you'd even put an "internal" system into a bow? Where would that even go?
"Internal" would be more like a "fixed add-on" I suppose. IE, inside the grip of a composite bow. Just the same as with firearms.
Wouldn't having an internal space weaken the structure of the bow?

Modern archery equipment can get really wierd looking

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