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Full Version: More recent version of BeCKS than v2 for SR3?
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Just curious. I have a fading printout of BeCKS v2 I'm about to use for a new campaign, and wanted to see if that was the most recent version.

Also, I don't suppose anybody ever did an alternate SR3 rules engine for SR 4 chargen. I admit, I like the setting of SR 4, and some of the new customization features, but really do prefer SR 3. I just wanted to see before seeing about reinventing the wheel.

Thanks in advance for any advice/input!
As far as I know, BeCKS v2 is the most recent version. It is a good house rule char-gen system, although it has trouble with a few types such as otaku and shapeshifters.

Serbitar created a version of BeCKS for SR4, called SECKSY, which you can link to from his profile (the one you want is labeled SHP v1.10). SR4 adapted a lot of the features from BeCKS, though. Races have lowered Attribute maximums rather than penalties, contacts and spells are bought separately from resources, and resources are bought in increments.

There are also Frank's house rules, which take the opposite approach - instead of converting BP to Karma, it gives characters BP instead of Karma for advancement.
Thanks! BeCKS v2 is really good; nobody ever wants to play Otaku (much less Deckers) or Shapeshifters anyways, so that isn't so much an issue.
Your players are heathens.

If 'heathens' = 'OMG LAZERS, POWERBOLTZ PEWPEWPEW!', then yes they are. nyahnyah.gif
I was going to say that by 'heathens', he means 'people capable of making an intelligent decision' ... but then I saw your response. eek.gif wink.gif biggrin.gif
The Troll Shaman of Lover one of them threw at me some years back stands out as the most entertaining character concept I've seen yet. They squeeked the Charisma 6 requirement with Bonus Attribute Point and Exceptional Attribute Edges.

We're pretty much a 'beer and skittles' group. biggrin.gif
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