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Full Version: Harlequin And Ie Pcs
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ok, first off, im not supporting the idea od IE PCs extinguish.gif

but, i know some ppl allow IE characters. what would those knowledgable on -H- think he would do if such a character was doing the Harlequin or -h-'s back campaign?
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Well, for starters, Ehran and/or the Enemy would assume that the character was a threat and shoot at them even before they started shooting at the mage...
The only IE PC's I've ever heard of were "new" IE's, ones who had yet to realize they were immortal. As such, Harlequin and friends will probably treat them like any other of the "younger races", although they may make snide comments about their potential in a few thousand years.
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QUOTE (Cain)
The only IE PC's I've ever heard of were "new" IE's, ones who had yet to realize they were immortal. As such, Harlequin and friends will probably treat them like any other of the "younger races", although they may make snide comments about their potential in a few thousand years.

Okay spookily enough not only is that the way I handle IE PCs (I've had one) but also the way I handle them in adventures revolving around really old people/beings etc., though in my case it was Lofwyr remarking about a character's resemblance to a certain meal he had a *looong* time ago. heh.
I agree with Cain, in that the only IEs I would possibly allow in my games would be new, and no older than Frosty.

I have allowed a couple of Spike Babies though, but even they aren't really realistic when it comes to the amount of skills, especially knowledge skills they possess using regular chargen.
I've got to agree with the notion so far. Any PC that also happens to be an IE would be new ones, who hadn't realized the are immortal yet and are just beginning to develope power. Frost would be an example if you take Harliquin out of the equasion (I just wouldn't allow an IE mentor).

IF (big if) I even allowed that, it probably wouldn't come out until the character had been played for several years and had become fairly powerful in thier own right. If a PC gave me an IE as a character concept at creation time, I'd probably laugh in their face.

Of course that's just my preferences. Some gamers like the epic level, way-off-the-scope-of-measurable-power-I'm-the-invicible-king-of-the-universe type of game play. That's fine too, as long as everyone is having a good time.

As for using Harliquin or any of the other established IEs for the Harliquin or Harliquin's Back adventures, I just don't think it would work. You could write a totally new adventure based upon those and play the IE through it, but you would have to completely re-write everything.

The first Harliquin adventure would be pretty much pointless unless your Player likes playing Mr. Johnson and then sitting around while the runners do his bidding(doesn't sound like fun to me). I suppose you could work in some upper-level intreague to go on at the same time, but it would really mean writing something comletely new.

As for Harliquin's Back, it also wouldn't work. Harliquin sent the PCs to do the small stuff while he battled the big baddies. Harliquin would dance through the PC's portion of the adventure without breaking a sweat. He sent the PCs because he was busy dealing with the big baddiess (which would eat the PCs as an appatizer). Playing Harliquin's part would also involved writing a completely new advanture and is probably mostly fighting horrors rathar than actually completing missions that the PCs did. That's great if you're a power-gamer who likes to fight at rediculously high power levels on an epic save-the-universe scale, and you don't care about the role-playing aspects. Pretty damned dull, otherwize.

Anyway, that just my opinion on the matter. If you do play it out, I would be interested in hearing how things worked out for you. Good luck.
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I'm not evil...

We'll have to confirm that with your players! wink.gif
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