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Full Version: Quick question: Chinese Calander
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Anyone have a Chinese calander set for teh years 2068-2080? (Which is year of the rat, dragon, etc)?

Be much obliged.
Well, febuary or march in 2070 is the start of Year of the Tiger.

Rat 2068
Ox 2069
Tiger 2070
Rabbit 2071
Dragon 2072
Snake 2073
Horse 2074
Sheep 2075
Monkey 2076
Rooster 2077
Dog 2078
Boar 2079
And that's what I needed.

Handy! Much obliged. smile.gif
for future reference, go steal the mats from you're local chinese place (the paper ones) the ones that have all the descriptions and it tells you how to figure out which years would be which. Basically, if you know any range of years, you can figure out any other i think its every 12 years, and based on dire's list, it looks like it would be right.
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