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Full Version: Jumping
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Just wondering if it's appropriate to just add jump distance in to distance traveled. You could have run instead after all.

Also wondering if you could at least add some kind of ramming effect in if you jump into someone. If not an outright attack than maybe a vehicle like ramming test?

Mostly I'm trying to figure out if a jumpy adept would actually be worth anything. If jump helped them close more than run that would be something. If they can at least knock around people they landed on that would be fun. And if they can attack as part of jumping (that was in SR3 right?) that would probably seal the deal.
James McMurray
I'd give a knockdown bonus on some sorts of jump attacks, like kicks. Not sure what kind of athletics test I'd require, probably just make sure you could jump far enough to attack, with the attack automatically failing if the jump check failed.
Jumping around like a rabbit is more first person shooter than Shadowrun.

And even *I* blanch at people trying to do Mario-style butt-plunges in combat!

"Hey LOF-wyr! Issa me, MAR-io!" *fa-WHUMPH!*
To elaborate on the confusion. Unless I've really missed something what type of action jumping takes isn't stated. If it's simple, like sprinting, you can sprint and jump (which actually seems realistic).

If it's complex that's all you can do if you used your free action running (if not you're at least set to intercept). It seems an unspecified action might be automatically complex.

If it's free however, you could attack after landing. Though that could lead to excessive and annoying jumping.

Regardless of action type my inclination is that jumping onto someone should be treated as an attack to knock down. With the attacker using their jump roll and the defender using whatever could be used against melee. If they don't roll well enough to close the distance they simply land short, and look stupid.

To avoid it coming up to often though I think I might give the defender the option to make an intercept attack(which if it connects would stop the charge/jump as normal).

EDIT: So long as jumping is a simple or complex action I don't see it showing up like a first person shooter. I costs the player a valuable action, is for most people worse than sprinting, and adds a risk of falling down, and unlike a FPS provides no additional defense.

It also occurse to me they may not have specified the action type because of different sorts of jumps. If it's a full on go for it jump I could see complex. However if you just have to clear a little something I could also see a free action.
Use Skill, Gymnastics for Jumping, is a complex action.
Sprint is a Simple Actions.

For combining, you could choose between the split each pool, or -2 to each pool to simulate attempting Both in one IP.

If you also want to do Jump, Sprint, and get an attack in, then I'm not sure what to do, but I think -4 pool to each test is about right.
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