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Post your diversion tactics messes here for fun and laughs smile.gif

So the idea came about after a sort of casual game the other night where our team was supposed to break in to a research lab and swipe something. Doing some recon we noticed that the grounds had both motion sensors and patrolling dogs. This is when my hacker got the bright idea to go buy a few live rabbits, and not wanting to pay too much went to a food outlet in the International District and bought feeder rabbits. However what we didn't know about the feeder rabbits was that they had been gene-engineered to have more in common with Tribbles than rabbits, in other words they took the saying "breed like rabbits" to a whole new level. I had planned on using 8 rabbits set loose on the grounds (after having been sprayed down with the artificial beef flavoring from an autocook to make sure those Guard Dogs smelled them). By the time we actually got to the facility the gene-engineered rabbits had multiplied in to the hundreds, if not thousands, in number leaving us with a car full of upholstery eating rabbits and some kind of chewed up gear, at least in one of the cars. Still for the sheer hillarity factor this giant frag-up has been great.
During a run into the Arcology (pre Deus) the team wnadered in with minimal gear and managed to fiddle the lift to get them up to where they needed to be to drop off a package. To cover their escape they sent the Mages full compliment of spirits and watchers to run round the Mall shouting things like "awooga, this is an emergency please stay calm." Or doing strange little dances (the mage player stood up to demonstate...) and a range of other things. The Rigger sent off a couple of cheap drones to do the same and left small radio detonated bangers in bins around the place. The flooded the sec system with noise to hide their actions. It worked, but mostly I grin at remembering the rigger and mage bouncing ever more stupid ideas of each other. The team banned the mage from sending his force 12 great form earth elementals to go and punch the fusion reactors, he claimed it would be safe, the team didn't want to risk it.
We had an extraction run, and we had to figure out a way to get our target out of the sercured areas of the building. So we decide to set of the fire alarms. Oops, Halon system... Fortunatly our target was able to get a breather on in time, but still, not good.
So we finally finished off the run with the rabbits, it turned out that they were helpful after all, at least for covering our escape. The facility we were hitting was prototyping a Feline Combat Bio-Drone which was quite deadly. Anyway during our escape the control center for the Killer-Kitties was damaged and a large number of them escaped their containment area. Fortunately for us these cats found the rabbits (now numbering in the tens of thousands) quite interesting to chase after. We made our escape as the research compound descended in to chaos as uncontrolled killer kitties went chasing after rabbits and guards alike!
Now that's awesome. Note to self, include the following: giant awakened tarantulas, man eating geckos, and rabbit-tribbles.

Umm....Kamikaze attack by the rigger's explosive-stuffed Wanjina into the base of one of the monstrous quartz blocks on the outside of the Aztechnology Pyramid? Very distracting, tho improvised...

"What rolls down stairs, alone or in pairs..."
QUOTE (CyberKender @ Aug 8 2007, 03:53 AM)
"What rolls down stairs, alone or in pairs..."

Sorry I've got nothing to add but you know you're a total geek when you're sitting in precalc going over logarthyms singing that song in your head and trying to inaudibly giggle and snicker.
A week or so ago my Mage was being tailed. Didn't know who, didn't care. He had just gotten off a solo job and was a bit weak from the drain.

He made his way on a crowded Hong Kong street, full of tourists, well-to-do corp families, etc., enjoying the cool(er) night air. It was never really cool in Hong Kong.

So taking a chance he casts and readies Trid Phantasm when he sees a trendy shop with its doors wide open. Suddenly, a local celebrity pops out with her entourage and loudly complains that her limo isn't waiting outside for her. My mage shouts out, "zomg! it's her!" and everyone turns to look.

The celeb says "Eep!" basically and runs back inside with the tide of people swarming after her, and my mage alongside it.

I get out the backdoor and slip into the alleys, my tail lost in the throng of people.

Too bad though that it was partly caught on camera. My mage was identified, he was a SINner, and is wanted for the hoax which the spell was determined to be. Wanted also for damages to the store.

And the tail? I met up with them back at my Fixer's place. They were not amused as they too were caught in the trid.
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