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Full Version: Resource: DocWagon Ad
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Feel free to use this in anything you like, just don't hotlink it.

Feel free to use this for any personal application as a game resource.
Cool. I really dig the KE logo, too.

Use it personally for anything you like with your gamers, whatever. Have fun!
Wow. That's ... um ... not what I'd expect in logo advertising.
Yah, I see what you mean. Needs more blood maybe?
QUOTE (Begby)
Yah, I see what you mean. Needs more blood maybe?

no, just needs more death threats i think... =S
Ol' Scratch
It's in the same league as the ones Blackjack used to make on his site. Fun little "ads" for the player's amusement, not ones you're likely to find in a believable take of the setting. (Except as anti-corp propaganda maybe.)

Some of the items on that DeviantArt site like this one or this one are a lot more plausible. I particularly like the Celtic Dreams one myself.
Merged begby's three threads, since they're all from the same source. Condensed is much easier.
Thanks for merging these, I guess I should've posted them all at once, but lack foresight.
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