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Full Version: NPC Group Concept: The Sleepwalkers
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General Concept: A small group of characters with the Astral Sight quality who earn a living making low Force wards for people who want basic astral privacy. They are looked down upon and even pitied by most other Awakened for what is seen as their "stunted" development.

Name: The name of the group's business is "The Sleepwalkers", taken from one of the derogatory terms that was levied against them by full magicians; origin of term stems from the derogatory term for aspected magicians, "groggy" (i.e. half-Awakened); as they are even less Awakened than "groggies", then they must be sleepwalking.


So, what do you guys think? Workable, or pointless?
I like the idea, but then again I figure that the first spell wagemages aare taught is Mana Static.

Perfectly workable. There would be plenty of work for people with Astral Sight, even if they weren't mages. They could work on schools programs, trying to identify potential mages at an early age for corporate sponsorship / apprenticeship schemes, they can provide astral security for meetings, ensuring there are no covert spies present, they can be security guards who qualify for the special "Astral Aware Bonus Scheme" as happens in my game, they can be "spirit talkers" who can be called in to negotiate when the construction company is troubled by mischevious low-force spirits native to the land to be developed.

I'm sure there are other uses, too.
I think its a cool idea! I'd make you a logo for their company too if you want. Hit me up on FTS or I also added your DA page to my watchlist, bibliophile.
@knasser: I hadn't even considered those uses; thanks!

@Begby: If you would do that, it would be insanely awesome. How about this: I flesh out the characters for it and you provide the art for their logo?
Thread Rez:

Alright, first resource is up at my wiki:


The Sleepwalkers

Purpose: To allow those with Astral Sight to work together for mutual advantage and profit.

Members: 250 (split into smaller chapters of 10-20)

Strictures: Fraternity, Service, Dues, Limited Membership (Astral Sight or Dual Natured)

Resources/Dues: Middle Resources, 400 nuyen per month

Description and Customs: In the roulette of genetics, there are winners and losers. Only about 1 percent of the population is magically active at this point in the mana cycle, making them a genetic elite, but even within that elite there is a hierarchy. Full magicians look down upon aspected magicians with scorn and pity, calling them groggy (half-Awakened). And aspected magicians in turn look down upon those with spell or spirit knacks and astral sight, calling them sleepwalkers.

In response, one group of Astrally Sighted banded together and took the name for their own; dismissed by the larger Awakened community and yet set apart from the larger mundane population, who will never see what they can see, they work together, making their way in a harsh and uncaring world.

The group is an extremely mixed lot, with members of every metatype represented, along with more than a few SURGEd who were affected with Astral Sight and a small number of non-feral ghouls.

The group is open and public, with offices and chapters in most major UCAS cities. Each chapter is semi-independent, and will assist other chapters without question or protest if asked. The chapters are headed by a chapter leader, who is elected by his or her chapter. The group as a whole is lead by a committee of the chapter leaders; they only meet for major policy issues or problems that threaten the group as a whole.

The group‚€™s bread and butter in terms of income are the creation of low Force wards for people that want basic astral privacy and assisting schools during the annual ‚€œLet‚€™s scan the new pre-k class for potential mages and TMs!‚€? program. Other, more high priced but lower volume options are astral security for meetings, helping train security guards what it feels like when an astral form passes through their aura, and astral surveying of construction sites.

A nice big thank you to knasser who gave some nice points to use further upthread.

So... Opinions? Thoughts? Constructive Criticism?

I'll have more up on the wiki for general use soon, including a few modules, some NPC and location writeups, and other fun stuff.
Daddy's Little Ninja
I like it. It would make sense, people with some small power can find a use for it.

They might actually be a lead for a run. with limited power they can only do a little, but could charge less than full mages, and so cause a bidding war.
The list of possible services can even be expanded further if these guys manage to initiate and learn techniques like cleansing or psychometry.

Furthermore, awakened with such little talent might be quite common- certainly more widespread than casters who softcap their magic at 5 and become runners or wagemages.

And given the arcanophobia more than hinted on in Street Magic, demand for wards might be too large to be met merely by full-blown mages.
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