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Ok, so I know Japan's pretty much in the drek, and the Phillipines got libereated (in a sense), but what about this little patch of coral that I'm calling home?

I don't recall ANYTHING being mentioned about Guam in Cyberpirates.

Are they still a UCAS territory? smile.gif

Did they become an extenstion of the Phillipines? frown.gif

There's a rather large Naval base and air field here, along with a nice navel munitions storage here, so... what??? indifferent.gif

Oh, and else on what happened to the smaller islands around here would be helpful too...
Talia Invierno
Sharing your curiosity. I wish I had answers to share ... but speculation-wise, becoming part of the Phillipines - or possibly even of Indonesia! - isn't really stretching (sigh).
TimeKeeper- you the same one from U-P?

Anyways, I think the UCAS would hold onto it, due to the strategic effects and the lack of a native population that would rise up.
I could see the entire thing being annexed by a Corp.

Military sells off bases all the time.

Nice base though, I love Anderson.
Maybe they did like Gitmo and sold it off to Ares?
Ares owns Cuba?

From one militant dictator to another...

Gives me some good ideas for a run.

Cuban cigars anyone?
Nah, Cuba's still a pretty easy-going dictatorship with the trappings of Communism. However the UCAS transfered their lease of Guantanamo Bay over to Ares since at that time they were having some problems - like the country splitting apart IIRC - and they figured if they couldn't hold onto it, better someone they were firendly with have it instead.
Ahhh... ok
I was looking forward to tomarrows headlines:

"The Ares Missile Crisis"
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