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I've been a GM without a group for some time, but now I have a new group starting up. My last group fell apart before I had the opportunity to run Year of the Comet, so now I'm putting this new group through it, but with 4E rules.

What I'm looking for is adventure ideas/outlines from people. Did you GM a good one? Did you play through a memorable one? I'm particularly looking for runs that take place at the beginning of the timeline, before the comet first appears (during the "Probe Race"). I think I've got enough material for the "back end" of things (going to be throwing Survival of the Fittest in there too), but I'm definitely open to ideas. Fire away!
Oh man. I'll post when I get home. I ran some scenarios in YotC just a little over a year ago.
A lot of this is sparse when it comes to details. I tend to work off of loose notes and generate a lot of stuff on the fly. Also, even if I had stats and details for you, they'd be useless since this was run in SR3.

Also, as it turns out, a lot more of the runs for that game were player-centric than I remembered. A lot fewer are actually directly YotC related than I thought.

[ Spoiler ]

Yeah, so those probably aren't that useful, and might not be as twisty-turny as seems to be popular with most people. The games I run are much more centered on the characters and their lives than they are the actual runs, and so more play time comes out of the result and repercussions of the runs than then runs themselves. But there you go, there's all 2 of them that turned out to be remotely YotC related. biggrin.gif

Firstly I recommend the S3 book "wake of the comet"; I have run two runs from there and they turned out nicely.

[ Spoiler ]

Secondly, I used a couple ideas from the YoTC book that turned into decent adventures...

[ Spoiler ]

I might remember more later, If you would like more info on any of those runs, just send me a PM and I'll dig up something. I even have "translated" some of the opposition stats into SR4



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All good stuff. I had planned on running some of the Wake of the Comet adventures, but those are set far later in the timeline. Any other run ideas?
Well, until character actions became way more interesting than the runs I had in mind, I had this idea to involve them, at least in some small way, with every probe failure. I don't know how I would have done it, exactly, but I thought it would have been awesome to have them basically end up on the wrong end of every corp that was trying to launch a probe. biggrin.gif

Had the campaign lasted (people moving, I got burnt out, etc), I would have randomly picked a couple of them to undergo SURGE, which if your players are the type to get really into character, could be really interesting. I have a notion that the players I had at the time would have taken it and ran with it, probably getting involved with SURGE'd research and rights and stuff.

That's why I love YotC. There's so much stuff you can do with it, since it's basically just a backdrop of "here's what's going on this year, set your game in it".

The Timeline Explorer is down right now, but if you get a chance to look at it, you can punch up that year and see everything else that happened. For example, the events in Brainscan take place in the same year, so I ran parts of that in my YotC game. The blackout was really interesting. The team ended up going out and hooding, which was...not exactly what I expected. Good times.
At first, I too had the idea to get them involved with every probe failure. However, when I thought about it, that seemed very unrealistic to me. So, I've decided to focus on just 1 and have the team do a short series of runs that ultimately culminate in the probe being sabotaged. I'm looking at adapting some of the run ideas you presented above into that.

I too saw the great potential in the YotC events to really get players personally involved in the events going on. My only worry is that this is a group new to Shadowrun and previously used to "power, hack and slash" kind of gaming. So I'm not sure how they'll react to "heavier" character issues, but I suppose I can always "throw them a bone" and see how they react.

I ran the Brainscan adventures some time ago, but I didn't realize they had an "official" place in the timeline.... interesting.
Thanks for all the suggestions everyone. eidolon, I adapted your "railgun" adventure idea and I'm going to be running it tonight. Here's a synopsis and background:
[ Spoiler ]
Very cool, I like. Let us know how it goes. smile.gif

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