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Full Version: Scars and Little Treasures
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For those of you not subscribed to Jak Koke's Liferock (an Earthdawn novel, what are you waiting to subscribe?), I'm posting a comment by Mr.Koke, that will warm the hearts of SR überplot fans (italics mine).

> The main reason for my lateness in getting chapters
> posted is because my partner and I have finally sent
> the book to the printer! We should have copies
> within three weeks. I'll put them up for sale on the
> site as soon as they arrive. The book has a gorgeous
> cover by Crystal Larson, an internal map of
> Barsaive, and will contain a special preview of
> SCARS by Caroline Spector.

One step at a time, chummers, one step at a time...
Why would I subscribe to a novel? Aren't those normally one shot things?
Jak Koke's novel was originally slated to be published some years ago, but wasn't because FASA stopped publishing Earthdawn. No more Earthdawn, no more Earthdawn novels.

So, after a longish while and ensuring no legal backlashes, he's now offering it chapter by chapter through the Internet. You subscribe to get those chapters simply because he'd like to keep track of how many people are reading it.
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