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Full Version: Northern VA Shockers?
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I'm mostly just curious as to how many people from our community live in the area and are looking for games. I'm a transplant from PA and was commuting to PA for games for a few years after moving down here. I've taken a year off from gaming, but now I have a serious itch to try out SR4. I've played with the same group for so long that I think I've forgotten how to meet new gamers, and finding folks in my age range has become increasingly difficult. So...

Hi. I'm Aristotle. I'm 31 and a new resident of Ashburn, VA. I currently collect Shadowrun and both d20 (fantasy and modern) products. I've given away most of the rest of my game collection. I've always preferred to run games, although I have yet to run SR4, with small groups (3 or 4 players). I'm not apposed to playing, but I'm rusty (I've not been on the other side of the GM screen in over a decade).

I'm not likely looking to get involved with anything until mid-fall. I'd probably prefer a biweekly game with the occasional extra session if scheduling permits. I'm available Friday evenings or just about any time on Saturdays. I could probably host games, in a non-smoking-friendly environment, or commute locally as needed.

Anyone else?
What's going on Aristotle =).

i'm Pantomime, Originally from MD, I moved to winchester VA, then I eventually got tired of commuting 2hrs each way for work and my fiance and I recently moved to Alexandria. She is relativly new to PnP, I've been gming for about 15 years. I am definitely not against being a player however. I just recently started a play by post game for my old game groups since we all just spread across the globe =/. There are a few game stores in NoVa that have decent play area's.
I go by Dro, I'm in DC. Ashburn may be a little bit of a hike for me, but if its good, I may as well go for it. I haven't truly played SR in a while. I'd be willing to be a player (don't know enough to run a game myself just yet). Let me know.
Man, why do I only ever hear about PA players after they've moved out of state?

Still, some locals here (Pittsburgh) are gonna be getting into SR Missions, so things should be looking up.
A co-worker and I may be interested in joining your game. Are you still interested in running a game of 4th edition? We are both in the NOVA area, Fairfax and Reston and we regularly game at a shop out in Chantilly. Let me know if you'd be interested still.
I'm interested
Two hours each way is a bit far, sorry. frown.gif
You goin to JMU AbNo? Graduated from there myself 2 years ago...
Zhan Shi
"Game Parlor", in Chantilly, has a large gaming area, and it's usually hopping on weekends. This store is also in Woodbridge, but I've never been to that location.
QUOTE (n00bulatol2)
You goin to JMU AbNo? Graduated from there myself 2 years ago...

No, I can't stand most of the JMU sorrostitutes, really.

I'm going to Blue Ridge, down in Weyer's Cave. It's only a 15 minute drive, so that's not too bad.

I'm considering Old Dominion down in Northern Tidewater when I get done here. I used to live in Virginia Beach back in 2005, and I know a few decent gamers down there I could get back in touch with.
Hoi chummers, I'm looking for people to play SR4 with in NOVA. I'm live in Vienna, but work in DC. I willing to be either GM or a player in a Monthly or Bi-monthly game. Post here if you are interested.

Slotting trogs that frag dandelion eaters nead not apply!

(I miss the old slang!)
I'm still interested, just gotta know the when and wheres part, see if I can fit it in my schedule.
Yeah! But aint that the trick. Hence why I am thinking once or twice a month. I am not about to set a schedule yet, but can be somewhat flexible. (no wife or kids, just ferret)

What is your availability?
twice a month is fine by me. Over the weekend.
OK. But I'll need more than one other player!! I am thinking of starting after the holiday season, say the second Sunday in January (what ever date that is), at the Chantilly Game Parlor.

Would that work?
Just to follow-up. I am 34 and have been playing on and off since 1st ed came out. Most of my playing was done in college under 2nd ed. Tried third, but never played it much. I am looking at 4th Ed, ran a canned adventure, First Run, (something I don't normally do) once. I liked the system, but I thought the matrix checks to get information was too easy. But that seems more a beef with the adventure than the system itself.

Is anyone else interested?
Ok, Just to follow up. On the 13th at the Chantilly Game Parlor, I will be there from 12:00 to 2:00 PM (longer if people show up). My hope is to get a group together, create the characters and gauge what style of game the players would be interested in.
Anyone interested in SR4 in NoVA? I know the thread's two months out of date.

The Game Parlor is a good location.
How far into NoVa? I'm down near JMU/EMU, and the like. ohplease.gif
QUOTE (AbNo @ Mar 11 2008, 02:11 AM) *
How far into NoVa? I'm down near JMU/EMU, and the like. ohplease.gif

The Game Parlor is in Chantilly, VA -- so very much into Fairfax County.

Additionally, would anyone consider playing remotely on a conference call? I'm not really into turning SR4 into a tactical simulation using figures...I prefer more of a story telling style.

It looks like we have several folks interested. Chantilly seems to be a good compromise for the local players.
I am also from PA, and then moved to Manassas VA, but now I live in PA again!!! Why did I not check out this forum when I lived in NoVA???!?!??!!?? Sigh.

Anyway, sorry this post isn't useful to anyone, just thought it was a funny coincidence. BTW, if anyone is in Northeastern PA, Wyoming Valley area, I currently have an SR4 game going and could MAYBE, just maybe fit a 5th player. 5 is a bit much for me, but I expect to lose one or two players fairly soon as they are completely stuck on White-Wolf games and don't really give anything else a chance. It was tough to even get them to make characters, and I'm trying hard to make sure everyone has fun, but they're particularly stubborn.

And I'm new to the forum, this is my first post here. So hello.
We're trying to get a day and time nailed down for a first meet.

If you're interested in meeting sometime on the weekend of March 29-30, 2008, please PM me. Please include an email address so I can add you to the mailing list.
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