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Full Version: Welcome the new age: The Snake
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Since the Synthetic seems to have been a hit, I figured I'd put forward the other archetypes as things go for review. If you see anything wrong, tell me, so I can correct things.

The Snake:

“ ‘Wimp’, that’s what they used to call me, back in school. I was the ‘small’ orc, the runt of my mothers ‘litter’. My brothers used to beat up on me as a kid, saying I needed to bulk up a bit at the gym or that I need to play football with some human kids. Never worked. I was never ‘right’, I was never ‘at home’. Not until I tried gymnastics. A bit too Keebler, I know, but on those rings, I felt at home.
By the time I hit the end of high school, I knew I needed something to do. I was one of the best unaugmented gymnasts in my area, but I wasn’t good enough. There was a pair of elves who were better than me. So I kicked around for a bit. Tried to get into the stunt double business or the Circus De Soleil, but I wasn’t ‘Charismatic’ Enough. Tried to see if I could be a physical trainer, but I wasn’t ‘buff’ enough to fit into their image. I was in the middle of working for a construction company doing highwire work when someone took notice as I was doing pull ups on site. Said he might have something ‘special’ for someone like me.
Since then, I’ve been running the shadows, playing with my life on the line, and loving every moment of it. Each run gives me a little more to work with, lets me get a little sharper and a little better as they plant it in me. These wires were a ‘gift’ from a group I ran with after I played death from above on a drone that wasn’t half as good as it’s rigger thought. I bought the Ares Reactors Enhancers later, a trade in deal with a pair of ‘leggers I know. They gave me the bioware as I gift. Don’t worry, I had it checked. I’m not that stupid. And don’t worry, my Nitro habit is well in check, I never dose on the job unless I’m sure it’ll help. And I always am fully recovered by Job time.
As for when things go bad, don’t worry. Sure, there is blood and violence in this job, but every time it comes to that I just imagine those goons from high school, and I show them what this wimp can do now. I’ve learned how to use all types of guns from other runners, and I learned from a former Commando 27 ways to kill a man and a hundred more to disable them. Should have seen my brothers this past year, when I had them in a headlock all confused. They were really confused, since they were the ones who started it…

Sometimes the push for conformity causes rejection, as the individual pushes away from the norm and solidifies their outsider role. The Snake is a specialist in this category. Able to slip in through the most unlikely openings, the snake sneaks towards the target and accomplishes the task, no matter if it’s robbery or murder. Since they tend to use no tools, there is little evidence of infiltration.
What sets them apart from their covert ops counterparts is that the snake does not run from conflict, he embraces it. With his lightning reflexes and fast moves, he can close in upon a target or blast away as he directs combat as a maestro would. But which ever way it goes, it’s his choice. Be warned.

Race: Orc
B: 5
A: 5 +2
R: 5 +4
S: 6 +2
C: 2
I: 4
L: 3
W: 3

Edge: 4

Addiction Moderate, Nitro
Allergy Common/Moderate vs. Krill


Athletics: 4
Stealth: 3
Firearms: 2
Unarmed: 6
Escape Artist 4
Perception: 3

Essense 1.12

Organ Legger: 1/4
Surgeon: 3/3

Gear: 27 + 1400 points
Chameleon Suit: 8,000
Armored Jacket: 900
Helmet 100

2x Ares Predators
+30 rounds Explosive ammo
2x Ingram X
+120 rounds flechette
+2 clips
Remington 990
+20 slugs
4 Quick Draw Holsters
10 thermal Smoke Grenades

Novatech Airware:
Iris Orb:
Browse 3:
Analyze 3:
Fake Sin rating 4
Fake License 4: Body Guard permit

Ultrasound Goggles with Vision Magnification

Suzuki Mirage

2 months low lifestyle

Move by Wire 1
Reaction Enhancers 2
Apha Cyber Eye Rating 2 (All accessories Alpha)
+Flare Comp
+Low Light
+Vision Enhancement 2
Alpha Orientation System
Radar System 4
Alpha Cyber spurs
Alpha Smart Articulation

Used Muscle Toner 2
Used Muscle Augmentation 2
Used Synthecardium 2
Hmmm... interesting. I like the synthetic better, but this guy is pretty interesting in concept.

got any more?
I like the concept, he is too weak on the numbers side though. Then again, that doesn't really matter as he is supposed to be an archetype, and they are allowed to be sub par as long as they give a good grasp of the idea behind it.
I like these, and don't take this as criticism, per se, but they strike me less as "archetypes" (decker/hacker, combat mage, rigger, sammy) and more as "interesting character ideas".
QUOTE (eidolon)
I like these, and don't take this as criticism, per se, but they strike me less as "archetypes" (decker/hacker, combat mage, rigger, sammy) and more as "interesting character ideas".

None taken. When I say 'Archetypes' in this case, it's more in line with the archetypes they used to present in the SR1 and SR2 books, such as the Cybersnoop or the Ex-Army Officer. Maybe not 'stardard' archetypes, but things that make you think about 'other' alternatives.

For the record, there are two more 'archetypes' I plan to put forth on this site for review. They are the Combat Medic and the Saboteur.
Gotcha. Definitely works for that, then. I'm looking forward to your combat medic.
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