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Full Version: Who Wants a Cyberarm?
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Saw this on Engadget this morning.

From the article:

QUOTE (Engadget)
Researchers hope that the prosthesis, which is currently controlled by skin-surface-attached myoelectric sensors, can be made more intuitive by adding injectable sensors, which send increased amounts of signals (and have improved clarity) allowing for greater control of the arm. In time, the team hopes to move to nerve-attached electrodes, or electrode arrays implanted on the brain, which will eventually allow for full user dexterity.
Right on schedule. As soon as it is a perfectly functional equivalent, I'll be all over it.
Good thing its a left hand, otherwise you might rub yourself raw...if you know what I mean.
does not sound like they have cracked the neural feedback loop issue just yet.
Chrome Shadow
"The future is looking brighter..."
Call me when they can fit in a Cyberspur.

But cool nonetheless.
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