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Full Version: cyberbear challenge
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so, Dr. McNinja is basically the funniest thing ever. that statement stands on its own, and i'd be perfectly happy to just post that, but in order to keep the thread from being locked i have to relate that statement to SR somehow.

to that end, i present the following challenge: stat out this here bear. SR3, SR4--hell, SR1 or SR2 if you want. all features thus far displayed must be incorporated somehow. the winner or winners will receive one (1) high-five (5). bonus high-fives will be awarded for making the final product both useable and hilarious.
Ol' Scratch
Didn't SR3 have rules for this very thing in the Critter book? Mine's still in storage but I may give it a try just for fun if I can find the willpower to rifle through all that junk.
i don't specifically recall rules for bears being able to throw their heads at people, but i could have accidentally skipped them!
Awesome cybears. I do wonder if you could augment your normal character to perform such feats too. nyahnyah.gif
Herald of Verjigorm
Not a real bear, a modification of one of Deus' drones with a tazer ranged bite attack.
Oh man. I was all fine and statting it up until the whips (would you use whips to swing your own head on a cable at someone?) and the talking.

Let's try another direction…

Bear Body

Chassis: Anthroform, Large (Markup .40)

Power Plant: Methane

DPV: 1450

Final Cost: ¥

Hand. 4, Speed 30/50, Accel —, Body 3, Armor 5, Sig 4, Auto —, Pilot 1, Sensor 1, Cargo -9/0, Load -165/175, Fuel 240 bars, Econ .5/1 Km/bar

Concealed Armor, Mechanical arms (2, STR 9)

I'm exhausted, so I'll stop here—that gets you enough armor to stop a Heavy Pistol dead together with a big bear-like chassis and two strong arms. The next thing to do is to buy Cargo and Load back up to at least 0 (the number before the slash is how much isn't bought yet, the number after how much can be bought after that), then design a separate drone for the head. It doesn't need Pilot—when the body throws the head the head is just growling, while in the next strip (next pass, maybe? wink.gif ) the head can talk—suggesting the Rigger jumped into the head.

bonus high-five for designing a bear with an internal combustion engine. "shadowrunners are invading my field! shit, i forgot to fill up the bear!"
Best Biodrone ever!!!

It's go a synthetic cyber skull with the extending limb option!!!
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