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Full Version: Commandos ala Shadowrun
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So, I was thinking, I realize they have the FPS version of shadowrun, which would be so much better as a co-op multiplayer FPS, but not getting that, wouldn't a game based around the commandos style of gameplay work perfect for Shadowrun?

For those unfamiliar with commandos, its a realtime strat game that focuses more on stealth and infiltration than it does brute firepower. The player controls their small team of men on missions of espionage, avoiding guards, planting explosives, etc. Wouldn't this work perfectly!?
Kyoto Kid
...kinda doing that in a way with RiS, particularly now that the team is "behind enemy lines" so to say. The last thing I think they want to do following the last episode is draw any undue attention to themselves.
Well, the old Sega Shadowrun was an isometric, kinda along these lines. Not quite the same, of course.
Fallout 3's doing a hybridized FPS/Turn-based system that looks pretty decent. I'd imagine a real Shadowrun game would be more like that than the Tree of Life summoning shooter.

Ted Stewart
I'm actually playing through the Genesis version of Shadowrun this week, in preparation for my roommate running a game tomorrow.

I never played Commandos, but I've heard enough about it that thinking of Shadowrun in a similar style makes me smile.
didnt someone draw plans for a jagged alliance 2 mod at some point?
I think that if they included metahuman models in the game, CrackDown would have made a great game for shadowrun play.

It has cooperative game play, a huge environment, and when points are earned for different skills, they allow you to upgrade and do some cool stuff.

Add a magic characteristic to it, and a tad less rooftop action, a tad more interior action, and bam. Shadowrun game.

Minor cosmetic changes to be sure, but generally better than the fps.

i believe that was WR. seems like it'd be pretty neat, though it'd require a hell of a lot of work.
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