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Full Version: Made By Heaven
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Going through the bookmarks just now, I ran into this site:

Now, I muddled through the first sentence (I don't speak German):

"This was the best RPG of all time, then came 4th edition".

But the last is still kinda stumping me, I think it means:

"The Matrix needs a 5th edition" or something to that effect.

Will any German speaking folk here enlighten me?

Google translates it as:
"this matrix knot is closed up to the version 5"

So I'm guessing the person who made the site is so unhappy with 4th Ed., that he/she closed the site till 5th Ed. comes out.
I would translate it as "This matrix node is closed until 5th edition". Meaning there won´t be any content on the site for the forseeable future.

You´ve got it right, though. The site owner is one of the SR4-naysayers.
Rotbart van Dainig
The hidden part of the site was fun, even though the ST forum was broken and mixed lines - they had the Global Anti Demon Force... a horror-hunter group.
Thanks all! And yeah, I kinda gathered they didn't like 4th wink.gif
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